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Apply a coupon code for free shipping to your next Victoria's Secret purchase to save on Very Sexy swimwear, the Victoria's Secret PINK collection and everything else VS sells. Promo codes are easy to apply to any order and they can often be combined for even more savings. Check out these deals that are good for November 2021 and beyond.

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Free Shipping Coupons & Promo Codes

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VS offers free shipping with $100 purchase. Occasionally offered with certain purchases and special offers for pink nation members. They offered free shipping for members with $25 pink purchase. Check the offers tab for the best deals. Hope this helps
Posted by Christina
That SINGLE20 offer is not valid. It was only good for 2 days (January 9th through January 11th) They will not accept it.
Posted by Laura
Really Victoria's Secret.... you couldn't bring yourself to offer FREE shipping with no limit today!?!?!!? REALLY!?!?1
Posted by Wanda
I like Victoria Secret.
Posted by MaryAnne Iacovetta
Any free shipping? Any Sweaters on sale?
Posted by lynne dvorak
Are there any free shipping codes for orders of $50?
Posted by Mary Stanley

I don't like Victoria's Secret customer service.

Posted by sylvia arevalo
Are there any free shipping codes on offers over $100? Thankx
Posted by natalia

Where's free shipping for Victoria's Secret?

Posted by Karen
Are there any free shipping codes?
Posted by parkjisun

Does anyone have Victoria's Secret free shipping codes for any price order?

Posted by dorothy rogers
Does anyone have free shipping codes for any price order?
Posted by Guest

Are there any free shipping codes?

Posted by Guest

Does anyone have a free shipping code?

Posted by Heidi

I love Victoria's Secret.

Posted by angelica montenegro

Any free shipping codes?

Posted by Tay

I like Victoria's Secret.

Posted by josephine

I really need a free shipping code but my purchase is only $42. Can someone help me?

Posted by Emily

I tried to use code VS50 for the free shipping over $50 (my order total was $59) and it said that the code was not available to use yet. The code also expires today (1/2).

Posted by Dancer81
I think free shipping is great for christmas shopping online.
Posted by ESTElla Melenudo
Head on over to Victoria Secret's facebook page and click on Victoria Secret's Secret Cards to the left... Every morning until December 15 at 9am Eastern, 7am Mountain and 6am Pacific, they give away gift cards from 10-500.00. I got one for 50.00. But, hurry each morning. You can usually only get the gift cards each day for about 20 minutes and than they are gone.
Posted by Kelly Mahoney
Scarf coupon not working due all 'free' scarfs being sold out.
Posted by MiamiMom
I need a free shipping code for Victoria's Secret.
Posted by frances
am living in jamaica can i get free shipping on my purchase
Posted by Bridgett tomlinson
Unfortunately you can only use one offer code at a time, for me the $30 off $150 order saved me more than free shipping. Just an FYI. Code = Fall11. Free shipping code=SP1126869.
Posted by rachel
Hello, I want to know if the free shipping Victoria's Secret also serves for the territory of Argentina, because if so I'd like to buy there. I hope to answer, thank you very much. Laura.
Posted by Laura
Do you know where the Victoria's Secret warehouse shipping to Europe is? Is it in or outside Europe? I'm from Greece and I want to calculate the extra charges, taxes etc. Thanks!
Posted by dora
Hi i am paula from argentina!! . I want to know how much it cost me the shipping up to my country!! i will be waiting for you answer
Posted by Paula
do the shipping codes apply in australia? thanks!!
Posted by bridget
The free shipping codes are for orders sent to US and Canadian addresses.
Posted by Luke
saved $16 with this coupon code, thanks!
Posted by Guest
I need free shipping
Posted by Olivia
Joni: I would take the items you purchase from Victorias Secret to a local store and let them know the situation. If you paid with a credit card, you should have no trouble with your exchange. Victorias Secret has a 90 day return policy, so don't put this off to long.
Posted by
Trying to track down receipt/order placed in December 2010l Lost receipt for white pants sz 4 to be sent to Alyssa Gerbasi in San Jose Ca. They are too large for her, how can she exchange without receipt? thank you for your time/trouble.
Posted by joni gerbasi
YOU GUYS RULE. Just saved me $16 in shipping. YAY!
Posted by JP
I just found your site and saved a bundle thanks to your codes ,,,,can't thank you enough ~~~~ :) Will be passing the word to all my friends. Thanks again,,,, Have a good one!!! Trish
Posted by Trisha Duffy
Thank you so much!!! I just saved $10 thanks to your site - I'd never heard of it before, but am going to be telling all my friends :-)
Posted by K T
i love your bikinis but my owner won't get me one.
Posted by barky