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Free Shipping Ends January 1, 2050
Free Shipping on select $35+ Video Games order.
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Home Sale.
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Free Shipping
Free Shipping on $35+ order.
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Wanted to order online as item that was on sale. Item was over 200.00, but when I saw I had to pay shipping, it took up my discount (what's the point) and there weren't any in stock anywhere. Getting elsewhere, sorry.
Posted by Guest

Like others, I want to make a rather large purchase... but refuse to pay shipping when I can get it elsewhere without shipping. I love Target, but with complicated returns and now this online, I am not sure how much I will be shopping with Target.

Posted by Guest

I was planning on spending $179 on a sewing cabinet/cart but they want $60 for s/h. They offered 15% off but that is only $27 off and I even called the store to see if they have shipping to the local Target and then I pick up there, "no". The item is also not offered in the store. Sorry no sale Target.

Posted by Guest
I was planning to order 3 toys over $50 but shipping and handling are way too much. Wish I had a coupon...
Posted by Guest
It would be nice if the free shipping was on any item on line over $50.00. The item I want to purchase is almost $100.00, but not ordering it due to having to pay shipping. the item is not in your store either. It is the Frog activity center that turn 360 degree around so the baby can follow you when you move. I am still shopping but running out of time. Sure hope that you put this on free shipping before I purchase one from another store.
Posted by Guest

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Coupon Code
Redeem a Free Year of Same Day Delivery a $99 Value.
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Coupon Code
Save Up to 25% Plus An Extra 15% off Indoor and Outdoor Furniture.
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Coupon Code
Save Up to 25% Plus An Extra 15% off Furniture.
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If your program could add a search block for these special offers, it make life for the users much easier. We could search for the items we want like Barbie Collector Toys and not have to go through pages of offers before we get to what we want. Thank you!
Posted by Marie Carden
Same here spent hours shopping, went to checkout and shipping was ridiculously high, you think that what all the bad rep they had last x-mas 2013 on all those identities being stolen on their site there'd be offering better shipping promotions to encourage shopping on their site.
Posted by Maria

I had an order for the kids for Christmas but the shipping almost equaled the purchase. I use online ordering a lot because of my work but if I have to pay shipping I usally look on another site for the same items. I do like Target, I just can't pay this much in shipping.

Posted by Rene
Spread the word: now discriminates against military families living overseas by imposing shipping charges to APO addresses. These are military installations and considering a U.S. shipping address however, Target still charges exorbitant shipping rates on qualifying orders to these addresses. Our military and their sacrificing families deserve better, or at least equal treatment to the civilian population residing by choice in the contiguous U.S.
Posted by KTinOki

I was going to order a $250 motor bike. Completed all the ordering info only to find out the shipping was $80. Cancelled right away, I am over it.

Posted by sheri

People quit being so hostile, if you havent noticed its free shipping on purchases of $50.00 or more, plus you also get free shipping if you use your Target REDcard. Target isnt who charges so high on shipping, its the shipping companies, Duh! Go and try to deliver that much weight and see how much they will charge you directly.

Posted by Irene Bustos

I always wonder why people shop in Target when you can find the same exact items in Walmart at a cheaper price.

Posted by marcia
I refuse to order from Target online because the shipping fees are outrageous. We can all do much better at other websites who really want our business.
Posted by Nancy Campbell

There is nothing like spending hours online trying to find the perfect buys and then finding out that you don't get free shipping on $199 worth of stuff. $35 for shipping! I am cancelling my order and I really doubt Target even bothers to look at these comments because quite a few people agree with me. As a business owner myself, they should really look at these comments and do something about the way too common complaints. And there are plenty of things that say they are only available in the store, but when you get there, they are not!!! That's a great marketing strategy to get you in their store. I think i will not longer shop here!! I'll be heading to Walmart.

Posted by Marilu

Shipping costs are a joke. I was ordering clothing for my 4 year old niece. The actual prices of the items (cherokee shorts/hoodie and tees in matching sets) are great but they stick you with the shipping which takes the "good value" tag away right away. Its almost like the rip off artists on ebay. List the product at a cheap price and then try to make up the full value price by whopping up shipping! No wonder other stores do better. Target is doing itself a dis-service because your items look cheap but your shipping makes you just as expensive as other stores if not more. You're losing a lot of business with your excessive shipping fees. It should not cost $10 to ship a 4 year olds summer clothing. I can do it on ebay for $4.95 flat rate so don't try to kid me!

Posted by DENISE

I was going to order a bike and two light kits for a total well over $200. When I found out the shipping was $38 I went to bought the same bike and the same two lights for the same price, had it shipped to the store for free and they will assemble it for free as well. I guess that's why Walmart is packed and Target is so empty all the time. They are starting to look like the Kmart parking lots. Losing lots of business. I recommend you get a bit smarter to keep on track.

Posted by Karen

I always find myself going to Target's website to check out their clearance items. Then I am reminded that they would charge me eleven dollars for shipping. Target, I will never buy from your website. Ever. Shame on you.

Posted by Jacquelyn

Went through the order process to purchase a bike. I thought I would have free shipping. Not so when I got to last screen. Not willing to pay over 40% of purchase price on shipping. Hate to... but back to Walmart and their .97 shipping.

Posted by Pcarr

I am a first time shopper at and I thought it must be my lucky day, first time on the site and I found two end tables in the right color and an unbelivable price. Then if I spend $150 I get another 15% off. I went to check out and saw shipping charges of $47. I am now a last-time-shopper. Back to where shipping is always 2.99 or less, Target you should be ashamed.

Posted by tori

Target's site indicates "free shipping" for items over $50.00. Well, I tried to enter an item, and it charged me $17.00 for an item that cost $49.00! The item is only available on-line, and it said if I paid using my Target card, I'd get free shipping. I did have a Target VISA; however, they cancelled it, without notifying me, as it had been over six months since I had used it, and I didn't find out about that till I went to charge something in their store. Target needs a better policy and clearer guidelines.

Posted by Rose Anne

I tried to place a large order of baby items online. It came to almost 400 dollars. Put in the promo code for 5 dollars off and free shipping. When I got to checkout they tried to charge me 75 dollars for shipping. What a rip off. I canceled right away.

Posted by Edward

Spent an hour picking out two items. I went through the whole process of checkout and thought there was supposed to be free shipping on over 500,000 items. The reo baby items I needed for a registry were not free ship. You have to put in all the payment info then adds the shipping after to be sneaky. I cancelled my order and will online shop elsewhere. I was spending over $100. That should be eligible for some free shipping.

Posted by heather

Spent a long time online picking out various items to redo my daughter's bedroom - over $100. Most items available only online. Filled out all the info (including credit card, etc.) and found out at the very end that Target was going to charge me almost $20 for shipping. Forget that, back to Kohls (and 30% off with free shipping!) Never again.

Posted by Sue

Very disappointed in Target. Tried to order some curtains but the cheapest shipping was around 30 dollars! Are you kidding me? I even called to see if I could get a free shipping code, since I was spending over 150 dollars. They refused.

Posted by Kelly

$17 to ship 3 curtain panels and 1 bathing suit?! And to think Target used to be one of my favorite stores!

Posted by Kitty

I was getting ready to spend over $60 on Target's website and wondered how the price jumped up to $80. Shipping charges are way too much.

Posted by Ayeisha

I spent an entire day shopping on Target's glitchy/slow site.

Posted by Judy stark

I shopped for an hour and my order was $53. I had a coupon code for $5 off and free shipping with $50 order. At checkout my order was $82 because of Targets high shipping on select items. Free shipping should apply to all items once you reach $50. No longer a customer.

Posted by mary

Wish i'd read this before I spent all my time looking for the items I wanted on the slow website today. Then I placed the $30 order I thought was getting free shipping. I placed the order and $30 shipping came up tagged to the order. I canceled it! Very deceiving! I won't be placing an order with Target!

Posted by missy

I'm mad too, wasted 2 hours shopping. Things without free shipping s/h was almost as much as my whole order.

Posted by Allie

Are you going out of business is that why you're running off all your customers? Seriously, your shipping charges are way beyond reasonable! It kind of seems as though that's how your company makes any money- off people buying things online and having them shipped. This is ridiculous and I hope you come to your senses soon. I am placing an order for $150.00 and have to pay $40.00 for shipping. This is ridiculous. PS your customer service on the phone stinks.


I completely agree with everyone about the shipping! I was ready to spend about $60 but shipping is almost $10, thats ridiculous! Whoever is reading this from Target, do you realize how many people and how much money you are losing because you are being too greedy about shipping charges? $50 or more should be free shipping across the board, ok maybe up to a certain weight then I can see a charge but come on, everything else is hey save on shipping but only if its this or this color or name or by this date etc... seriously? So I to like everyone else is going to shop elsewhere!

Posted by maribel delarosa
Ridiculous shipping! $8 to ship two mini Lego packs - same ones are $2.97 shipping at Walmart... Plus if you pay with Paypal at Target, you CANNOT get a refund, even if the item is new in box - you ONLY get a Target Gift Card! Forget that!
Posted by Kel

I got 1 puny little mascara and they charged me 15 bucks! What?

Posted by KELL

Target shipping is a major rip off. Even some of the return/credits in store are a joke. Won't give lower price on items previously purchased with receipt. I would have to return the items then repurchase them AFTER the go through the return process and are put back on the rack. Looks like other stores value their customers.

Posted by T
Searched for free shipping as the price for 2 pairs of roller skates (for shipping) was RIDICULOUS! Total cost over 50$ discount applied for shipping? None... NOT COOL! Will be looking at ToysRUs and Walmart... both really have free shipping. Even sadder, Target won't give their own employees their discount online unless said employee is using a Target Visa. REALLY?!! Don't feel bad they even rip their own employees off.
Posted by NoWay
I agree with other people writing about free shipping. I was ready to spend $170.00 until checkout. $39.87 for shipping. I will go someplace that actually rewards me for spending money in their store. Two thumbs down for Target!!
Posted by Bonnie Turnbull

TARGET: What in the world are you thinking? Are you going out of business is that why you're running off all your customers?? Seriously, your shipping charges are way beyond reasonable! It kind of seems as though that's how your company makes any money, off people buying things online and having them shipped. This is ridiculous and I hope you come to your senses soon or you will loose a lot more customers to good ole Wally World :( Boo You Target - I will just go somewhere else for the things I want!

Posted by MeMe

I wanted to buy dinnerware for my nephew's wedding gift. Over $50 qualified for free shipping. When I went to pay, they had applied some kind of promotional discount of $18.

Posted by Anne

I think that the "Free Shipping" if spending $50 or more is deceiving. Example: I didn't realize that it was "Select" items, and it's Christmas time and I went to order some toys and the order wasn't quite $50 so I tacked on a few things....well, I didn't qualify for free shipping because only the tacked on things "qualified" for free shipping and they didn't add up to $50. The toys were not applicable toward the free shipping. I think that is wrong! I had an over $70 order, while not a huge order in the grand scheme of things, I cancelled the order and will not use Target again for my holiday shopping needs. I think if you spend $50 regardless, they should offer you free shipping. Shame on them for this tricky advertising.

Posted by Staci Munda

If someone is spending $50 or over why should it matter what it is to receive freeshipping? Very disappointed that you want someone to pay s/h on a $150.00 item.

Posted by Michelle Clancy

Wow, Target advertises "Free Shipping" for Cyber Monday sale but it is on only select items. Even if you have a select item and then a "non Select item" you have to pay shipping on the item that isn't a "select" item. Rip off. How can other stores give free shipping and Target pulls this?

Posted by kat

I am a new customer. I went to purchase sheets and a game and the game advertised would not add on after a few minutes. I decided to buy the sheet set alone then saw the shipping cost. It's not worth it. $80.00 loss to them.

Posted by AL
I was ready to place order for over 130.00 thinking free shipping. Shipping charge over 30.00 appeared. I called and was told system was being updated, place order and call back tomorrow to see if could receive credit for shipping. NO WAY. I x'ed them out and placed order with Amazon. Ticked off because of all the wasted time.
Posted by Annette
Donna: That just happened to me as well. ugh! I have 8-9 clearance items in my cart and customer service said they'd waive the shipping if I placed the order and then called them to refund it. Now... I'm calling back after I spent hours and hours working on spending over 50.00 in qualifying items and they said they can't do anything for me because I didn't have a reference number from the employee (Joe). How was I to know I needed that?!? Then just now the manager (he wouldn't give me his name) said he'd send me a $20 gift card to make up for it (after an hour and a half on the phone) and then he changed his mind and said since I didn't have that reference number he wasn't gonna help me, cussed at me (oh yeah!) and when I asked for his name and for his manager... he hung up on me. So basically I'm out $26.99 for standard shipping! oh yeah... I called back and the rep (Dawn) said she'd read the notes and make the adjustment. Instead she just put me on hold and after 30 MINUTES hung up on me. It's sad but I get way better prices at Macy's and I get free shipping and respected.
Posted by Jewels
Target scams you on their 'Free Shipping' emails. Fine print says selected items. Crooks!
Posted by James
Agreed! The "Spend $50, get free shipping" is only on a few select items! I tried to order two sets of plates ($100) and they were going to charge me $50 in shipping!! Of course I couldn't only find those plates online...and there is no ship to store option. I thought most major chains had a ship to store option. The shipping is robbery! Order was promptly aborted, I'll go to Walmart
Posted by Sierra
How come there isn't any coupon for free shipping on books? 2 books for $30 plus $16 for shipping? Good thing we have Walmart!
Posted by Jane Van Fleet
$24.00 for 2 small mirrors with $12.95 shipping. No thanks, I'll run to Walmart.
Posted by Penny Hines
re: TARGET just recently TRIED to buy clearance summer clothes - ordered 60$ worth of size 5 / 6 boys clothes - ONLY to be charged $24.99 for SHIPPING!!! That is crazy ! Soft goods, couldn't be more than 3 lbs for shipping wt. , shipped standard ground..... be careful TARGET RIPS YOU OFF IN SHIPPING!! then tried to comment to cust. service... OH surprise the site is "being updated" can't send an email to online service!
Posted by donna
Was going to order 2 gifs for grandson which totaled over 50.00 but shipping was not free. Will be getting the product elsewhere. I agree with the comments below.
Posted by Beverley Schroeder
placed an order for a baby crib. Home page states free shipping on orders over $50.00. My order was over $50 and a shipping charge was added. Order cancelled . . . .
Posted by myra
I found a rug and comforter that i fell in love with, but when I went to place the order you wanted to charge me an extra $22 for shipping on a $160 order. It seems that most places these days have no shipping cost at all or you spend $100 and get free shipping. I was disappointed and cancelled my order.
Posted by Kalleen Satkus
Need to order a rocker/glider that is $149. Most of your chairs except for the rocker gliders are free shipping. I can't believe that something this expensive would not be eligible for free shipping when all the others are. Time to change the shipping policy to everything over $100 should be free shipping!
Posted by Lori
Shipping costs are highway robbery!
Posted by Sue Johnson
I think it is so sad that you can't purchase a 35.00 gift card without being charged two 1.95 shipping. Can you combine and only charge for 1.95?
Posted by Maryanna Thompson
Went to buy 4 Cars 2 items thinking that I would get free shipping but when it was over they wanted to charge me 30 dollars for shipping...toy r us might be about 5 dollars more expensive per toy but at least there shipping is free
Posted by ASHLEY
Tried placing an online order for $470... some items were free shipping, but some were not. My total shipping charges came to $109, and with the items on free shipping, it came down to $79. Still!!! One of the items cost $8, and the shipping for that individual item was another $8. That's just crazy. I called customer service to complain, but they dont care. I cancelled my order... and am not happy about it.
Posted by Megan B
Thanks for the info on returns. It really helped to know I could return my purchase to the local Target store, instead of having to ship it back, which is a real pain.
Posted by Marty
Ridiculous shipping charges. Wanted to purchase 2 bar stools no longer available at a store. Shipping was $77.00!! Cancel that order!
Posted by P Reno
I have been wanting 2 certain items that are online only for a while now. They are now on clearance and will be under $20 total. I was shocked to find out during checkout that Target was charging me $22.08 shipping for two metal kitchen items! I may love the items but will have to do without because they will not be getting my business. I do not understand why they refuse to do ship to store.
Posted by Renee
I looked at our local Target for a blue-and-white pillow being advertised and it was out of stock. I went online and found the same pillow available with free shipping. Shopping score! I had to wait a few days more to receive the pillow, but I'm patient.
Posted by Marty
i am spending $72 in my cart and the shipping is outrageous--i will be cancelling my order immediately
Posted by angela
I'm spending $159 for a crib on my brother and sister-in-law's baby registry and the shipping is $30! They are out of state...I know it's not tactful, but I'm seriously tempted to just buy it and have them pick it up locally.
Posted by Dee
Bought 450.00 of furniture. Only a few items qualified for free shipping. Shipping was 109.00 on non-qualifying items. Be sure to note actual shipping at checkout. Charge on non-qualifying items may not make the purchase worthwhile. Target also charges tax. Most of the online shopping sites Ihave used do not.
Posted by VickieT
nice stuff high on shipping 2011
Posted by marc
Target charges $1.95 to ship gift cards!!!! They should get with the program at
Posted by Carolina Friedhoff
Thanks. I was able to get my nephew's wedding gifts shipped free. More convenient for them, too.
Posted by Alison Moore Smith
Thanks 4 the coupons,
Posted by Ana Jones

Common Shipping Questions

How can I avoid return shipping costs on items I don't want?
Usually, online orders can be returned for free to a local Target store within 90 days of purchase.

How long before my Target online order arrives?
According to STELLAservice, Target averages delivery in 4 days.

Where does Target ship orders?
Most orders from can be shipped to all 50 states including Hawaii and Alska, APO/FPO addresses and Puerto Rico.