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Soft Surroundings is dedicated to making women of all ages look and feel their best, and is dedicated to providing free shipping coupons and discounts to save you money. At you'll find unique styles in clothing, jewelry, shoes, and home decor that don't sacrifice comfort and function. Not only can you feel your best but you can look your best with Soft Surroundings collection of beauty and fragrance products. Select a coupon code from the list below.

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Get up to 75% Off Sale!
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Soft Surroundings
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Take up to 50% off Bedding & Home Decor.
Receive up to 50% off Bedding and Home Decor. No promotional code needed. See site for details, exclusions may apply.
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Soft Surroundings
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It is ridiculous to have to pay for shipping when I was ready to buy over 200 dollars in product....nothing on sale. I refuse!
Posted by helen gloudemans
Looks like the majority of ladies are all of the same opinion. Nice things, pricey, and lack of free shipping has got to be costing the loss of plenty of orders. With the cost of your clothing free shipping shouldn't be a stretch.
Posted by Kathleen Sobb
love the clothes, but they're expensive. The shipping costs are prohibitive, so I don't order.
Posted by Karen
Ditto, ditto, ditto. Love your clothing but do not want to pay for the shipping.
Posted by Guest
I love your clothing! but come on how can it cost you $11.00 to ship 1 (ONE)$79.95 shirt?
Posted by Nancy LeBlanc
I like the product but like others I had $400 worth of merchandise but decided not to purchase due to the lack of free shipping.
Posted by Janet Brown-Simmons
Soft Surroundings has beautiful clothing, but definitely is expensive. The shipping is prohibitive to ordering. I try to make my order large enough to offset the high shipping. However, be aware that when you return an item you pay a price for "free return shipping". So, I ordered pants at a great discount but only received $4 credit since the shipping label is more expensive than my lunches! Speaking to a representative doesn't help, only a supervisor can authorize discounts, and, if you ask, be prepared for only $5 off. Please SS, listen to your target audience, we only want a little help so we may become a satisfied customer.
Posted by SAE
I had an order that I had taken a lot of time to select. I will not place the order due to high shipping costs. No free shipping coupons equal no ordering.
Posted by Linda
i am a big catalog shopper. i do about 95% of my shopping on line. most companies always offer free ship if you spend a certain amount ($75.00 to $100.00) as an example but SS never does & can't find any free ship coupons. i love your merchandise but prices are a little steep but i wouldn't mind all that much if i could get free ship.
Posted by donna
Was all ready to place a large bedding order but was shocked at the shipping charge....outrageous! So I did NOT place the order.
Posted by Shari Gallucci
Was going to place an order but will not spend over $100. With no free shipping online.
Posted by Bianca
None of the on-line shipping codes work. Unfortunately your shipping continues to prevent me from making any purchases. I'm willing to pay your prices regardless of their seeming to be a bit steep. However free shipping is pretty standard in the on-line world now and your shipping costs are high.
Posted by Jan Neuner
Wow!Was going to place a large order but none of the discount codes work! Should at least get free shipping! will go some place else that offers something better!
Posted by mary young
too bad. will not sign up to become a regular shopper with your catalog and site without free shiiping coupon. Soft Suroundings would not apply any of these free shipping codes. Why are the shown on your site?
Posted by Sandra Dryden
Very disappointed that there is no free shipping with an order over $100. Almost every other online shop offers free shipping over $100.
Posted by Rose Gambrino
Soft Surroundings needs to encourage shopping by offering free shipping on $100 or more like most retailers. I am going to spend $338 today IF the "free shipping" coupon works!
Posted by Sue Wall
Disappointed don't publish if they are it valid. I had 120.00 order however cancelled
Posted by Ellen Wholley

'Love your clothes, but shipping too much. Free shipping coupons do not work!

Posted by MBW
I have to agree with the other comments here. I was ready to place a $300. order, but wont do it without free shipping. Sorry Soft surroundingsI like your clothing but the shipping costs really hurt you.
Posted by Cathy
I love the clothes at Soft Surroundings but am very disappointed that they don't offer free shipping very often and when they do it requires an order that is way above my budget. The other thing that really disappoints me is that they will not let me use my birthday coupon along with any other promo codes. In a nutshell, their online catalog (because of shipping charges) and customer satisfaction with promos is a big disappointment. There's no point in buying something, even with a coupon, because it doesn't hardly even make up for the shipping charges.
Posted by KAS
I have never shopped at Soft Surroundings. They have nice things in the catalog and I would buy some but the shipping costs are just too much. I still won't buy there. I would rather shop at Chicos for free shipping.
Posted by Miriam Kaminer

I would like to order but would like free shipping just as if I was going to the Mall to buy.

Posted by Lori C.
I have a $600 order but without a free shipping coupon, I refuse to place my order. I'd rather shop somewhere else. You would think with such a big purchase, they would at least have free shipping.
Posted by Lori
None of the shipping codes or over $75 spent codes worked when I tried placing an order for a jacket.
Posted by susan stankeivicz

I have a $500 order. I'd like a free shipping coupon. Why are they all expired?

Posted by Marie A. Vitale
Soft Surroundings website is far superior to Chico's. Likewise, their catalog is not as nice. It is only a few pages whereas SS's catalog contains all of their new clothes for a season. It is difficult to tell what the clothes are going to look like on Chico's. I do not live near a store so am no longer able to purchase their beautiful clothes. My onetime website order from Chico's was a disappointment. That has not been the case with SS. I love their clothes. I only buy from the website (or catalog). I do agree that free shipping is a very nice occurrence. I generally buy more clothes if I'm aware of any free shipping (or reduced).
Posted by Kathleen
I would order; no free shipping and not many promotions or coupons. Chico's gives it's passport customers free shipping all the time and has coupons and promotions very frequently. Similar quality, price and merchandise. Even stores give better value than you.
Posted by Diane Brown

Common Shipping Questions

How do I determine shipping costs for Soft Surroundings?
Add an item to your shopping bag and a pop-up box will indicate estimated shipping charges.

What is Soft Surroundings' exchange policy? pays for shipping both ways on exchanges.

How about shipping on returns?
You can use the prepaid UPS return label and $6.95 will be deducted from your refund. Or you can mail it yourself through another carrier.