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Delight your taste buds with delicious berry treats and save on shipping with Shari's Berries free shipping. Shari's Berries is home to mouth watering chocolate covered berries and other tasty treats. Send delightful gifts or indulge your own tastes at Browse this page for the best Shari's Berries free shipping codes and coupons.

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Shari's Berries
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Shari's Berries
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I feel like the others in this comment section. $14.99 for delivery is obscene. Even with the 20% discount off the purchase doesn't seem like a bargain to me. If I take a free shipping discount I lose the 20% off, so it's a wash. I'll find some other way to send a gift.
Posted by
I agree with the others - this is a total rip-off. It's too bad because the strawberries are outstanding, but $20.00 to ship six strawberries that already cost $20.00??? I don't think so.
Posted by Jeff
Completely agree with all the comments below. Shipping for $14.99 definitely outrageous
Posted by Downriver
Shipping cost was very misleading. I refuse to pay more for shipping than the items. Disappointing.
Posted by Kelly
TERRIBLE SHIPPING CHARGE. Had a 15% discount...good, right? By the time I finished the order and on last page, saw the shipping charge, very misleading, know it cost more for refrigerated items, but I think I'll find some other way of showing my love and appreciation with a cost appropriate gift.
Posted by scotlands best
TERRIBLE SHIPPING CHARGE. Had a 15% discount...good, right? By the time I finished the order and on last page, saw the shipping charge, very misleading, know it cost more for refrigerated items, but I think I'll find some other way of showing my love and appreciation with a cost appropriate gift.
Posted by scotlands best
worst shipping cost ever!!!!!
Posted by Guest
Never had a bad berry or treat! All my gifts have been primo!!
Posted by anne doms
Shipping was more than the gift! I didn't even need it expedited! I ended up NOT placing the order. Their loss!
Posted by Guest
Shipping is definitely a rip off. Standard delivery was 16.99 and then they added an additional 4.99 for rush delivery the next day. Outrageous! That's $21 in shipping charges. What's the point? Ugggh!
Posted by Jay
Shipping is a rip off. I paid $10 more for the products than the shipping. I called to verify the charges since I ordered multiple products to be shipped to one address. I was told each selection was shipped separately therefore a shipping charge for each box. I will never order again from Sheri's rip off berries.
Posted by Cathy
shipping is outrageous. the shipping was more thay the starwberries. at this rate i will not order again.and i have made several orders but will find something eles to send
Posted by sherry moore
OUTRAGEOUS SHIPPING IS RIGHT ! I was just checking out and though $9.99 for shipping wasn't so bad - until I noticed there was an additional $17.99 shipping charge besides the $9.99 - give me a break - going local !
Posted by Jeanine
The Shipping & Fees are outrageous. The shipping is nearly as much as the $29.00 dozen strawberries. It's $14.99 Shipping $4.99 Handling $3.99 for Valentines deliveries. Of course, they list the fees just about the time you're ready to click on "place order". Such a scam. None of this crap costs $20.00 to ship. That's why they have different prices on different sites for the same product. The dozen deluxe strawberries were listed on different sites for $29.00; $37.99 & $54.99. Such a shame because I do like their products. However, the shipping costs & their deception puts it over the top. Lost business to them.
Posted by RICK
Shipping charge is outrageous. Free shipping they said. I got to the end of my online order and there it was, $14.99 shipping. I called, but the response was "that's what we charge". I cancelled my order. Also, the radio ads are very misleading! There is no additional discount for entering a promo code as stated on the air on several different radio stations. Bad experience overall and I do not recommend them!
Posted by Mike Chavez
A REAL CON JOB!!! Shipping costs are exhorbanent (and of course not disclosed until checkout). Would nNOT recommend this company EVER.
Posted by glenn
The free shipping come-on is a scam to get you to join a partner service company. It's sad to realize the good deal you were offered is non-existent and the price you pay is just about 30 peprcent more than you felt you would.
Posted by Georgia Wiles
Looks like everyone is upset with the shipping costs. The site advertised free shipping coupons but I couldn't find any here. They have nice dipped berries at our local market. Looks like I'll be getting them there.
Posted by Darlene Elliott
Extremely disappointed in your shipping charges. I'm trying to order 3 food products to my name and my address and it's$14.99 each item? I called customer service to say there was a mistake and she said no, that's what UPS states we have to charge per package. So not only do they not take ownership, they lie! I run a business and use UPS all the time, they don't demand us to deliberately put items in separate boxes to ship so they can receive extra shipping costs....her other explanation was because they are from separate departments.....are you kidding me?? They're all chocolate covered strawberries with various add on items......hmmmmmmmm something sure is fishy!
Posted by jjlatte
Great variety of products. Terrible experience trying to check out. Price of items at check out were higher than listed on web pages. Ordered valentines gifts for 6 different people. Regardless if I had all 6 items delivered to my address or to 6 separate addresses the shipping cost was $14.99 per order. What a scam and shame. I have ordered from Sharis Berries before and don't recall having any issues like this and the products were fabulous. However after this episode and spending almost $300.00 on the orders it will probably be my last. And I have no idea if I only actually paid once or three times so now I'm going to have to call them so they can research my name - hopefully - to ensure I only ordered 1 package for each of the 6 people I was buying for. I will wait until tomorrow as I am so frustrated now there is no way I can be pleasant with the customer service representative knowing all the while it isn't her fault. Bottom line - a $34.99 order less 20% should have been $27.99 but costing almost $50.00 after shipping and taxes. Go figure! Extremely disappointed!!!!!
Posted by Chuck Yancey
I had the worst product said I would get a redelivery of a replacement and never received it.
Posted by kat scott
Posted by Chyrll McLaws
They have the best customer service!! When my box was hot and everything was melted I called them. They offered a free replacement and the sender didn't even have to know! They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and stand behind it!!! The call was quick and hassle free.
Posted by rak
Outrageous shipping charges !!!
Posted by pat fleming

I have recently placed an order for next week. I ordered from here before sending each of my three daughters a surprise. They were excited and said everything was amazing. My problem is that the shipping is so high that I even had to push the order back a day to avoid an additional 4.99. I was just wondering, since I would love to order in the future.

Posted by Renee Senderoff

Thank you for the opportunity to share your awesome berries,etc. with my friends and family. They are always thrilled when they receive them and delight their taste buds with the great flavors.

Posted by Juliette Bostick

I'm just home from the hospital and my neighbor sent me a box of dipped strawberries. I've had them before and they were terrific ! This time the strawberries were rottton and I had to toss them! Over ripe! I didn't want to make my neighbor upset so I haven't said anything!

Posted by Margaret white

Common Shipping Questions

How do I determine my shipping costs from Shari's Berries?
You must proceed through the entire checkout process before the shipping fees are displayed.

What is the return policy?
The customer is responsible for return shipping. unless the order arrived damaged or was incorrect.

How much is shipping for businesses?
Standard delivery is $9.99 to $19.98 with a handling fee of $2.99 to $5.98.

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