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Pottery Barn Kids creates casual furnishings and textiles for children and babies designed to delight and inspire the imagination. Each kid's collection has inherited the same comfortable, well designed aesthetic and expert craftsmanship from the finest materials that Pottery Barn has come to be known for. To receive free shipping, select a coupon below to apply during checkout.

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Free shipping on your order at Pottery Barn Kids.
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Pottery Barn Kids
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Pottery Barn Kids
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Pottery Barn Kids
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Definitely backed out of my order due to such high shipping costs. Love their products and wish they would offer free shipping! Even if its spend $75 or more.

Posted by Guest
Agree with all the other comments regarding shipping. My order jumped from $500 to over $600 after tax and shipping were added. Ridiculous. I was ready to hit submit order until I saw that. Hope pb kids and pb teen begin to listen. They have lost and will continue to lose people's business.
Posted by Tammy

Agree with other comments on this site. Ridiculous that the cost of my order jumped from $160 to $195 b/c of shipping and tax!! PBK, why not offer free shipping like all the others! I will shop elsewhere.

Posted by claudia
Agree, with your prices, free shipping should be automatic. Will shop around. Just unaccceptable.
Posted by MJG
For crying out loud, offer free shipping! Will take business elsewhere.
Posted by Bonnie
Also not paying for shipping from PBK. So many other quality retailers offer free shipping, some with no minimum! PBK, your sister sites often offer free shipping (Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, etc)....why not you?
Posted by Mary

It's crazy how much they charge for shipping plus another charge for delivery? I thought they were the same thing but apparently not. After being able to use 15% on the whole order (which covered the shipping and delivery part really but not tax), I finally purchased the furniture justifying it with "at least I'm getting free shipping on a furniture order". Had to do it since I couldn't find anything cuter anywhere else, even beats the Land of Nod stuff (I like Crate and Barrel but some of their furniture is cheaply made). I have a table where plates and cups stick to it because of the cheap paint they used to cover it. Anyway. If you like it, get it. You only live once! and honestly I am not rich to keep buying cheap alternatives that have to get thrown away (ie. Crate and Barrel table which I hate using everyday and even with free shipping it costed a pretty penny).

Posted by Jane Doe
It is amazing that you would charge me $22 for shipping...wow! Terrible, terrible PR! My order jumped from 150 to 180...really?
Posted by Doris Williams
So disappointed that I can not find a useable code for free shipping on PBK bedding. Unfortunately missed one over Thanksgiving weekend because I could not order at that time. Now that I am able to place my order, nothing is available. Already find one item I wanted is no longer available. Can't justify a $21 shipping charge.
Posted by Kathy
I think that when you are sent through e-mail a "percentage off your entire order' code as an incentive to use the "online pottery barn for kids store," and that code is posted saying you have a full week to use it...that if you desire to use it more that one time, you should be able to use it more than one time during a week! I used it for one order and when I went to use it again for another...I was told I had already used it up! Where was I told that it was for a single use only? Most department stores, like Kohls, and Carson's tell you to use your discount over and over during that time frame! I am dismayed to think that PB would give up my further business because I did not order everything on the same day!!! ( My second order was even worth more money than the first!) And I agree with the others who have expressed their unhappiness here that no matter how much money you spend at PB, you seem to still have to spend money on shipping! You do lose many sales that way....and also by not restocking items, as well. People feel as if you can't get an even break if you do not get in line 6 months ahead People are looking for every break in this economy! HELP! Sincerely, Marie
Posted by Marie
Over $650 worth of bedding between PBKids and PBTeen. No free shipping on either site and even though they link their sites, they do not combine the cart and I have to pay for shipping for both stores! So annoyed right now and definitely not buying anything!
Posted by Tiffany
I had over $220 worth of clothes and bedding to buy and no free shipping! No way! I called customer service and they would not budge. She looked up my customer number and confirmed email. I will not pay for shipping. I will take my money some place else.
Posted by Josie
I also feel like shipping should be free when a person spends a certain amount. It does often make me hold off on an order and wait for a free shipping special....on principle alone.
Posted by Johnna
I agree....shipping is WAY too much for my little item!!!! Not buying it!
Posted by Kathrin

SO annoyed right now! The nursery bedding I want is not available at the ONLY store in this state and I have to pay $22 for shipping!

Posted by J.
I totally agree. I want to buy two twin comforters that are only available online, so I would have to pay $25 in shipping costs plus tax because we have a PB kids store in my area. I wish I could get it shipped to the store for free - I would pick it up. So I'm not buying them until they offer free shipping.
Posted by Montie
i feel if you are going to spend over $100 most of the companies offer free shipping. I have something to purchase but will not pay $17 for shipping plus tax.
Posted by debbie

Common Shipping Questions

What are the rates for shipping from Pottery Barn Kids?
Standard shipping begins at $4.95 for orders up to $15 and tops out at 5% of your total order for purchases of $3,000.01+

What about orders delivered outside the lower 48 states?
These destinations are subject to the same rates plus an additional $10.

What is the PotteryBarnKids.com return policy?
You have 30 days to return a purchase and will be charged $5.50 in shipping for small packages and $12.25 for large or bulk items.

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