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Find deals on popular themes like Architecture, Harry Potter, Cars and Star Wars at the Lego Store when you use a free shipping code. The Lego Store is home to tons of kits, pieces, accessories and more from one of the world's best known toys. Shop by age, theme or category to find your favorite items to build. Select a coupon from below.

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Free Shipping Coupons & Promo Codes

Free Shipping Ends August 19, 2026
Free Shipping on $35+.
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Sale Ends October 31, 2020
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all I want for my birthday is a lego ive been tring to get one since the past eleven years
Posted by mcoliver

The coupons here are great!

Posted by david

Does the Lego Store have all the new sets? My mom was going to take me there for my birthday. I will turn 10.

Posted by Matthew Horg
I am about to spend $250 for 2 items from Lego. The shipping is outragesous and the tax also. I cannot afford these shipping and handling prices. If LEGO WANTS CUSTOMERS they need to give us FREE SHIPPING. EVERY OTHER SITE I DEAL WITH ON LINE GIVES FREE SHIPPING! GIVE US A BREAK!
Posted by Amelia Petre
is lego 3648 out yet
Posted by cake
So, if its only around the holidays for free shipping... Why not have 2 free shipping events instead of 1 per year.
Posted by Melissa Johnson
When will you have another free shipping offer? I want to buy Diagon Alley.
Posted by Jo Ann Schanen
when will you have another free shipping offer?
Posted by catherine lanovara
Catherine: For the past couple years, we've only seen free shipping at the Lego Store around the holidays. If you can't wait until December, I suggest purchasing your legos at a website like or that sells lego products and has free shipping.
Posted by

Common Shipping Questions

Where will ship orders?
LEGO offers delivery to North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

What is their return policy?
Purchases must be returned within 90 days of receipt and shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

What are LEGOs shipping rates?
Regular shipping ranges from $4.95 for orders of less than $26 to 5% of the order value for purchases over $500.

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