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Mix things up with countertop appliances and housewares purchased using  KitchenAid free shipping codes from this page of Otherwise, standard USPS shipping is a flat $2 fee for any order, although you'll pay an additional fee for expedited delivery. Should you wish to return a product, free shipping offers don't apply.

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Free Shipping Coupons & Promo Codes

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Recently I purchased a kitchenaid mix master order # 1181177 and when I placed the order on the computer, it mentioned that I could get a $30. rebate, so I placed the order on the computer thinking that when I got the mixmaster there would be a rebate form to send in, but there was no such thing in the box, so I called everything kitchen and they said that I had to have the UPC code from the shipping box from UPS - well after I put the mixmaster on the counter, I threw the box away so I realized many days afterwards that I was not getting any rebate forms in the mail so I called everything kitchen and they said that they could not send me a rebate without the UPC coce, they gave me a customer number for kitchen aid and said that I needed to send that form in with an explanation and I couldn't find anything on the computer as I am not that literate when it comes to computers and this was the best that I could come up with, so I am hoping that this will justify and that I can still get my $30. rebate the billing name and shipping name was Doris Dahl 18 Hawthorne Lane Streamwood, Il. 60107 - I already gave you my order number so hope this will be good - I love my kitchen aid and have had one for over 20 years and love the yellow pepper color looks very bright and cheerful on my counter - so even though I still have not received my rebate, I am happy with my order - thanks much and I hope that you can help me out.
Posted by Doris Dahl

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