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Save at Justice with a free shipping code. Justice, offers the hottest fashions for tween girls, ages 7 to 14, that inspires young ladies to express their individuality and confidence. Moms will love the great prices on tween clothing and accessories found at Justice.com, and young girls will love creating a trendy and individual new wardrobe.

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Free Shipping Ends January 27, 2025
Free Shipping on Orders $50+ for Club Members.
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Coupon Code Ends April 1, 2020
Extra 60% off Clearance.
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Sale Ends April 1, 2020
60% off Dresses.
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Sale Ends January 27, 2025
Everyday Collection: Outfits Now: $30 and Under.
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Sale Ends January 27, 2025
New Customers: 15% off Your Next order.
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Sale Ends January 27, 2025
Her Style Her Way: Shop New Arrivals.
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Extra 60% off Clearance.
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I agree. Everyone is doing free shipping at Christmas. Justice sucks!
Posted by Guest
Free shipping would be nice
Posted by Wendy Sparacino
OMG...I just left a 73.00 order...I refuse to pay that kind of shipping and handling!!! Justice folks, I will shop elsewhere... 12.00 is ridiculous. Justice has the highest shipping price of any commerce that I have encountered
Posted by Loretta Rainwater
omg shipping is crazy gosh not doing anymore online shopping at justice again!
Posted by ripoffshipping
Get some free shipping codes
Posted by Bob

Had lots if items in my cart...got to shipping. Sorry I am not paying $12 for 3 items.

Posted by Dee
Well they just missed out on an $80 order because their shipping is $20...not happening.
Posted by Ladybrinx
I totally agree the shipping is crazy...I don't know of any store that doesn't offer free shipping with a minimum dollar amount. They need to do something different and offer free shipping they would get better reviews!
Posted by deb
I was just ready to place my 100 plus order and saw shipping charges are 16.00. They are nuts... I am canceling!
Posted by Nicole
Doing some school shopping, I filled up my virtual cart with about $200 dollars in clothing items from shopjustice.com and discovered that shipping was going to cost me $25. Um no thanks. I got off their website after emailing customer service.
Posted by Allison
Not only is Justice outrageously expensive on shipping the 4-7 actually could take 8 business days the customer service told me on the phone so I would not receive my order until the 11th! that is 12 days :( I am not placing my order!
Posted by Megan

Also cancelled my big order bc of no free shipping.

Posted by Marsy
Very disappointed with Justice shipping :-( had ideams in cart and ready to purchase until I saw the shipping!! Are you kidding me you want 20 bucks in shipping???? Every other place does free shipping if you spend a high amount and you want to charge way to much!! I will be shopping else where!!!
Posted by S. Mancino
I was ready to order, but saw the shipping and didn't submit the order!
Posted by Karen
Cancelling order. Love Justice, but they need to get on the free shipping band wagon like every other company. They are too expensive to begin with unless you shop their 40% off entire store sale. Factor in shipping and you lose all your cost savings.
Posted by Jessica
Had order in cart, then saw shipping charges, and cancelled the order. I refuse to pay shipping charges on the full price. It isn't even on the discounted price. By the looks of other comments this has got to be hurting Justice in a big way. hopefully, this will change soon.
Posted by Tracy

Canceling order because order was $39.00 and shipping was $20.00 for 2 shorts and 2 tops. You have got to be kidding. Will look else where.

Posted by Carol

Canceled order because no free shipping.

Posted by Guest

Justice - offer free shipping! You're losing business!

Posted by Guest
My daughter has been dying to get into Justice clothes as she sees the older girls in the neighborhood wearing it. She just turned 7 and can now fit however I will not order it if they don't offer free shipping!! I think that's the least they can do if we are spending money in their store!
Posted by Shay

Thank you for saving all my money! Paying shipping and handling is not cool.

Posted by Jennifer
I was already at the point of paying (600 ) for my daughter's clothes when I saw the price of shipping! Really? Justice better get on the free shipping band wagon because I am not a loyal enough customer to pay their prices and their crazy shipping!
Posted by nsf7880

The price for shipping at Justice.com is very expensive. JBucks are also not a good deal at all.

Posted by Mercedes
Another large order cancelled due to the shipping. Over $40 to ship?? You've got to be kidding me! That's where they make up their money on their "deals". That and the huge mark up so they can trick the consumer with the 40% off everything sale! Sure, sounds great until you see the price for a shirt is $50. They have cute things but so do a lot of other places that have free shipping.
Posted by Guest

I want free shipping too like most other clothing stores.

Posted by Guest
This is my 1st comment on line ever; here goes! I have 2-10 yr. old granddaughters. I spent $1000.00 in back to school clothing & need to shop for their winter clothes & Christmas. I have recently become disabled & need to shop on line. Not @ Justice w/ their shipping cost . Ladies, try Aeropostale for a change. My girls like their clothes; they're trendy. I have shopped exclusively @ Justice for yrs. but I no longer will until I see a coupon code for 40% off plus free shipping. You would be suprised the # of consignment shops that advertise for Justice clothing to resell.
Posted by Clay Jones

Had everything picked out then saw how much the shipping was I said no way. I will order from a store who gives free shipping. Had over $500.00 order. Not paying shipping.

Posted by Juanita Frazier
Will not buy from them until they offer free shipping. I like their clothes but the shipping is outragous!
Posted by Mary Patton
According to their shipping information... I realized they are basing the 5% on the "before" discount amount. The tax seems to be based on the "after discount" amount. Very frustrating when you know it doesn't cost that much to ship! Shipping charges begin at $5 for purchases up to $25 and extend to 5% of the merchandise subtotal for orders of more than $399.
Posted by Mary
Promo Code 711 also gives 40% off but the shipping is still ridiculous, $9 for a sweatsuit! No Way.
Posted by Dana

Looking through the comments I found code 779 gave me 50% off my shipping was $18 for 3 day shipping now $9. Justice needs to offer better coupons for shipping. I was only ordering a uniform dress for my daughter which after the 40% off was 23.00 and then to ask $18 for shipping that's crazy and why is the standard shipping ($9) only to a P.O. Box?

Posted by Michelle
I agree! The shipping charges are ludicrous. Get with the program and offer free shipping or at least a fixed rate.
Posted by Joelle
Come on Justice get with the program and offer free shipping!
Posted by Krista
I agree, why does Justice not have free shipping codes. I have cancelled orders a couple of times now because of the outrageous shipping charges. I called them because I had a huge order and asked for a free shipping code and they said they never do that. Not to mention, they were rude. We are just going to shop elsewhere.
Posted by Birte Bueno

Every store has free shipping. Why not Justice? My granddaughters love Justice but the shipping is outrageous. :(

Posted by carrie

Justice needs to lower their prices but I love their clothes The shirts are like $40.

Posted by Thalia
Really wanted to place order from Justice but refuse to pay the shipping charges. It is entirely too high.
Posted by Teresa
Justice has the worst shipping prices. I as well had a big order but have cancelled due to the shipping cost. Another reason Justice may lose another customer.
Posted by Shelley

I love Justic! All my clothes are from there.

Posted by bri

Shipping is ridiculous. They need to put shipping prices down!

Posted by Boobear
Shipping is ridiculous! What's the point of a coupon, if the shipping is almost the same amount as the original price of the item! I wanted to buy some shorts they didn't have in store, but am reconsidering! Justice you're loosing customers.
Posted by Guest
i love justice clothes but I absolutely have the ridiculos shipping charges. Almost every store I shop offers free shipping except for Justice. I just cancelled a big order because of that.
Posted by Gloria D.

I agree with mary and kanwal shipping is a rip off and justice never has free shipping.

Posted by shaelin

Shipping is a rip-off! I feel like canceling the entire order.

Posted by Mary

i love justice!

Posted by kaylee

Justice never has free shipping.

Posted by kanwal
Justice never has free shipping! Not only that, they charge shipping on the amount before discount so you end up paying WAY too much for shipping.
Posted by Marsha Larson
Why don't they give out free shipping? We live 10 miles away from a Justice store, and the shipping is $10.00!
Posted by All About... ERIN!
is 772 or 722
Posted by maria haydee
looking for free shipping code for justice
Posted by Pam
Looking for free shipping; big back to school order. Shipping to Canada !! PLEASE....
Posted by Nell
Big order from Justice for grandkids need free shipping Grandma Deb
Posted by Deborah Cuyler
Looking for a free shipping coupon for a Justice order.
Posted by Mirjam
I wish nun of this were expired so i could use one. :( :( SAD!~!!!
Posted by Rachel
i wish i could shop at justice every week but there so expensive!!
Posted by unknown
I need free shipping coupon
Posted by Julie Coker
love it
Posted by sara
In these days, a lot stores have order on line and ship to store service. I hope justice will have these service too.
Posted by annie
Love this, its awesome!!
Posted by catherine
order # TWNW1725378-06/06/2011 Code # 779 was accepted, # 750 wasn't. I paid $9.00 shipping. The 779 was on the freeshipping site. I never received the 40% off, the 750. Can this be corrected?
Posted by Lois Zawada

Common Shipping Questions

Where does Justice ship merchandise?
Justice ships to the 50 states, all Canadian provinces, APO addresses, U.S. territories and possessions, as well as internationally.

What is their return policy?
Your package will include a pre-paid label for returning items at no charge to you.

What are there shipping rates for the U.S. and its territories?
Shipping charges begin at $5 for purchases up to $25 and extend to 5% of the merchandise subtotal for orders of more than $399.