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When you want department store fashions at an affordable price, do your shopping with coupons. It's especially nice if you can apply a code for free shipping at Dillards.com. No matter what kind of deal you're looking for, one of these discounts is sure to help you save money at Dillards.

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Really Dillard's? No free shipping offers even during the holiday shopping season? Get with it. I promise you that I will never buy anything in which I have to pay shipping. For goodness sakes.
Posted by Elizabeth
I completely agree with all other posts. Stores today need to realize that we are the internet generation and we prefer to shop online. I will not purchase a single item online if I don't get free shipping. I will find the same item on a different site and get it with FREE SHIPPING! Dillard's is a nice store, but if it doesn't get up to speed with its current buyers it will fade by the wayside, like so many other companies in the past. I think they should hire someone to research their buyers- invest some time and money into what your buyers want and who they actually are!
Posted by Stephanie L
I am ordering an item over $250 from Dillards - you would think that would qualify for free shipping. But no it does not. Disappointing!!
Posted by D. Baker
I normally order from JCP because I can get free shipping to the store but I want to order from Dillard.com, do you ever offer free shipping?
Posted by Wendy Wolfe
How do you get free shipping for online shopping. I spend hundreds of dollars yearly with Dillard's but do not use a Dillard's card, even though I have one.
Posted by judy guthrie

I am placing an order, how can I get free shipping?. Thanks.

Posted by Ronda

I love Dillards!

Posted by Bunny Bucci
Tried to use the 30 percent off permanently reduced merchandise and it would not allow me online. Is this only in the store?
Posted by terry Kilian

How do I get free shipping for Dillards?

Posted by Wendy
Were you able to get a free shipping code? I'd like one too.
Posted by KATIE
how can I get a free shipping code for Dillard"s. I have their card but not Elite.
Posted by Linda Tivener
Were you able to get a free shipping code? I'd like one too.
Posted by Kerry
how do I get a coupon code for free shipping for online Dillards purchases?
Posted by Melissa Baxter

Common Shipping Questions

Does Dillard's offer flat-rate shipping?
Yes they do. The flat rate for orders up to $149.99 is $8.50 and for purchases over that amount you'll pay $11.95.

Can I return purchases from Dillards.com to a physical store?
You can either return unwanted items to a store or mail it back, but you're responsible for return shipping costs.

Does Dillards ship overseas?
At present, Dillards.com doesn't ship overseas or to Canada and Mexico.