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When you need a discount on hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, a Cabela's coupon or free shipping code from the list below is your best bet. Cabela's has been providing top quality equipment since 1961, so you know that you're buying reliable products at an affordable price. If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, but hate paying too much for your shipping, shop with a Cabela's promo code for a better price or a deal like free shipping.

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Free Shipping Coupons & Promo Codes

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Free Shipping Code
Free Standard Express Shipping on All Purchases of $99 Or More.
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Bargain Cave.
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Some coupons may still work past their expiration date.

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I very often shop on Amazon for the free shipping. Prices are comparable or even cheaper. I wanted to order a pair of shoes but I wont pay $14.95 to ship them. Also expired coupons should be removed from this site
Posted by Kay DeMuth
It is clear Bass Pro has more discount holiday shipping offers. This is the time people are trying to finish up and there are no real offers such as free shipping available at Cabela's. What the hay??
Posted by Larry
you are not the only company selling scopes ,so you should have free shipping on all items if you do not want to lose another customer.
Posted by patrick ballensky

I would love more Cabela's promo codes please.

Posted by Kevin

Wow, this worked great. Thank you.

Posted by andy

Shipping costs are deal breakers.

Posted by FS

Was trying to get free shipping for a small purchase from Cabelas. Couldn't get it so I looked around and found free shipping on the same item at both Meijer and Wal-Mart and found it $10.00 cheaper than the Cabelas "sale" price. Look around before you shop! :)

Posted by Pam Munsell
I am wanting to order a pair of waders however I need some free shipping. I looked for free shipping coupons but one just expired yesterday. Please advise if you can help me.
Posted by Karen Segars
shipping cost out of line on smaller items. check out LLBean free shipping.
Posted by jim manning
To pay $9 for a $40 shirt is just not reasonable. Such an exorbitant fee kills a bargain. Especially when you know that handling is tossing a shirt in a plastic bag and postage is less than $2. There are better place to shop on the internet.
Posted by Pete
Sorry Cabelas...same old-same old.... I went to Cabalas for my "truck tent". After reading previous reviews, your shipping is definately a mind changer. Saved $50.00 by going to amazon.
Posted by thehiker
I used it just now
Posted by Jen
Just used code 4WSHIP today for clothing and boots and it worked great. Saved me $14.95 in shipping!
Posted by Elena
4-27-2011 just worked for me on 3 pair of pants from bargain barn, Saved so much I went back and added a 4th pair! YEAH! free shipping saved me $$, and I thank you. Every little bit helps. I am happy I don't have to spend gas $$ and time running out to the stores.
Posted by ford
4WSHIP Free Shipping on Clothing/Footwear on $49 Min - worked today 4/24/2011
Posted by Marjie
4WSHIP just got me free shipping on my $100 clothes order.
Posted by stephanie
Not willing to pay $16 for shipping a 3 lb rain suit. Cabela's just lost a $200 sale.
Posted by tom richard
4WSHIP appears to be a valid code, but I'm not sure what for.
Posted by Friend
Wish they had free shipping. Their competitors offer better deals on delivery. Cabela's lost another customer!
Posted by Lucia
LL Bean is offering free shipping
Posted by jane
Shipping issue is costing Cabela's another order from me, this one would have been for well over $200. There is little equity when the merch is sunglases or other small/higher value items.
Posted by Tim B.
I have to agree with the postings on shipping costs. I can buy elsewhere with no or reduced shiiping costs. Vermont is again toying with collecting sales tax on internet orders.... add that to the high shipping costs and it will be about the same price to buy locally. My co. negotiates global shipping costs annually with all major carriers and the rates are minimal comapred to Cabela's for the same weight and size.
Posted by Bruce
Cabelas needs to get on-board with the rest of the outfitters,Free shipping with catalog,internet orders,Just not enough Cabelas around to make the trip to the store.
Posted by JEFF
wanted to buy two chairs at 40 a piece came out to 130 dollars with the shipping. Thats the cost of a third chair. Might as well get from amazon they cost 10 more but ship free.
Posted by Patrick McCarthy
Was going to purchase an item and shipping was over $14.00 and then an additional $8.00, That's just too much money. Will buy something of equal quality from another sporting good store.
Posted by Frany
Cabella's has to be the worst when it comes to free shipping or just good deals period. I'm not holding my breath anymore. I'll take most of my business elswere and just drop in when absolutely needed(almost never).
Posted by J.H.
I ditto that. I'm waitng for free or better shipping to place my order.
Posted by Babs
I wanted to place an order as well, but when I see the shipping charges, I decide to cancel and back out of my order. I wish Cabelas do free shipping like other online retailers.
Posted by George
I have an order to place and I see how much shipping is going to be, so I don't want to finalize my order. I live 3 hours from the nearest Cabelas. I work in the shipping industry, and know about shipping costs, and these shipping cost are way too much!
Posted by roxie

Common Shipping Questions

What are Cabela's shipping rates?
Charges range from $5.95 for orders up to $25 to $19.95 for purchases over $19.95. Add $6 for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories.

Does Cabela's ship outside the United States? will ship to Canada and Japan via standard services and to other countries through the international delivery company FiftyOne.

Do I pay shipping for exchanges and returns?
The customer is responsible for shipping and handling charges, unless Cabela's made an error in the shipment of an order.