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Books arrived today, thank you!

Posted by Guest
Unable to log on to web site for survey. Everything was excellent.
Posted by Guest

Hi there, I didn't know you have free shipping on all orders, so I paid $3.79 postage and packing with Abebooks. Next time I order directly.

Posted by Guest

I'm unable to find survey to complete, as requested!

Posted by Guest

Book arrived in B.C. Canada. Ordered May 21, arrived June 6th in good condition ...about 2 weeks.

Posted by Guest
Unable to find the survey so I am writing this comment to say my book arrived in England. The book is in excellent condition and although it took a while to arrive (about 6 weeks) I am very pleased with it as I was unable to find it at such a good price here. Many thanks.
Posted by Guest
Another delivery from BetterWorldBooks today: Arrived quickly in SW BC, Canada. Thanks again for having the book that no one else had for sale. Couldn't find their delivery survey on line so I gave my response here.
Posted by Guest
My book has arrived safely, thank you. It was ordered early in June and arrived two and a half weeks later in excellent condition; it seems a long time but it did have to come to Australia.
Posted by Guest

BWB are the only used/new book company that I buy from because of your shipping costs. Free! Great stuff.

Posted by Guest

Hello, my order 302-9041999-6365106 arrived today, April 25, only three days after my order has been placed. Thanks a lot. Best wishes. Tine

Posted by Guest

Hi folks, my order (#11919508) arrived this morning, just 14 days to the o.s.o.t.w. Thanks! Mark.

Posted by Guest

Hi,  regarding order number 10500233801-1501036 placed March 2, 2012. Item received today March 28, 2012 in excellent condition. Thanks for excellent service. Would have confidence in buying from Better World Books. Best wishes Alex.

Posted by Guest

Order #: 91901548. Hi, my book has arrived in time and in a good condition. I am very thankful to you for the good service.

Posted by Guest

My order - 15353103 - took about three weeks before arriving in very good condition (January 11th), but I'm French and living in Orléans (Loiret)!

Posted by Guest
Hi, i tried to contact you on the website you supplied. I am very happy with your service and books arrived in excellent condition and in good time. Kind regards. Ferguson Adelaide.
Posted by Guest
Just wanted to let you know that my book arrived today. Good stuff and quick thank you.
Posted by Guest
Order no. 11623053 took 1 month to get here (arrived October 10th) but there is a lot of sea between me and you and maybe the wind was in the wrong direction. Still very happy with the service though. Regards, Margaret Whitfield Perth, Western Australia
Posted by Guest
Hi. I tried to contact you on the tinyurl website to fill out a survey, but I just wanted to let you know the book arrived safely and well packaged. Many thanks indeed for your excellent service. Kind regards, J.S. Pedder.
Posted by Guest
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Thank you for your swift delivery of books ordered 9th may delivered 23rd may in australia.

Posted by alecia stahlhut

Book arrived on time and exactly as described. Very satisfied.

Posted by GMR
Delivered quickly, well packaged. Excellent service.
Posted by susan yates
Delivered on time.
Posted by gary brooks
Thank you for my book "The Birth od Christinity by J.D.Crossan. it arrived safely in the wilds of North Wales at least ten days before schedule. I look forward to reading it. Great service.
Posted by Gwyndaf Hughes

Great delivery service.

Ordered a book from UK just before Easter so was expecting it to take a while -- got here just after Easter so I am very impressed
Posted by Steve Warlow
Ordered a book that was in stock in the UK and it took over two and a half weeks to get here. I wasn't impressed with that delivery time as I was expecting it within the 3-5 working days.
Posted by Nicky
I have always had excellent service. I was asked to complete a 1 minute survey but do not see it on this site.
Posted by Richard Edwards

Book arrived safe and quickly most impressed with the book condition and speed of delivery first class service all round.

Posted by Barbara Smith
Book was as described, delivery ok. As an ex Amazon seller, I did not think that the packing, just with plastic was adequate for a heavy hard backed book, it should have been in a padded bag, luckily it was not damaged, but I think more good luck than anything.
Posted by Linda Coyle
Thank you for excellent service. I received my book after two weeks. The book is in great condition. Will order from you again.
Posted by Mirka Koscal

After 38 days, my purchased "That Angel Look" arrived to Japan from USA. Book condition is good, but it took a bit too long.

Posted by T.Okamoto

Hi. I nearly gave up trying to find out how to contact your "1 minute survey"! I still can't find it! Despite that I can only repeat the positive comments that have already been posted.

Posted by Mr P. B. Duke
Thank you for the receipt of James Stewart's Poetry book. It arrived in good condition and your service is excellent.
Posted by bryanevans

Tried to find delivery survey site. Landed up here. Delivery was very good and book was excellent. Thanks

Posted by John gwynfor lovell

Excellent service, thank you!

Posted by Souloy Maryline

Received book in UK (taken 11 days) from Betterworldbooks about Frank Lloyd Wright. Excellent service.

Posted by Vera Hicks

Excellent service, book received in good time, nicely packaged. Recommended.

Posted by sid

Excellent service. Delivery from USA to UK in just 12 days. Would use BetterWorldBooks again. Thanks guys.

Posted by richardp

Excellent item and a Top-class service. From order date to delivery in UK was under two weeks.

Posted by NCW
Hi, Just received my book "Scriptures Animals" and was delighted to find it with many many wonderful illustrations from the 19th century. I am really satisfied. Thanks to all the people at BetterWorldBooks. Recommend it!
Posted by Alain Braun

Ordered my book 12 December 2012. Received my book 7 March 2013. Will not buy from again. I will continue to use or

Posted by Katie L.
Book came quickly in good condition. Good service.
Very pleased with book,condition as described and fast delivery, came before estimated time. Recommended.
Posted by Wendy Jackson

Just received my Earlene Fowler The Saddlemaker's Wife and am very happy with the condition. It is an ex-library copy but the condition is excellent as stated by BWB. Although not a fan of second or ex-library books I would always follow the recommendation on condition given by bwb. Will be back.

Posted by Mary McGuire

"Hot for Words." By Marina Orlova. Got my book today. Thank-you.

Posted by Graham ABEL
"Darkness at Noon" received 22 Feb, Many Thanks. All as should be!
Posted by B Coram

Just received my ordered used book, found a yellow slip inside asking me to fill out a 1 minute survey to help improve delivery times. Using the http://tinyurles..etc as suggested I somehow landed here! But I'm quite pleased with BWB, well - VERY pleased, as this is not the first time I have had dealings with them! And probably not the last time!

Posted by Christina Gottlieb

Ambrose Bierce A Biographie well recieved a couple of days ago. Thank you for a good service.

Posted by Schuler
I am contacting you because I was asked (on a little yellow paper inside the book I ordered) to fill out a 1 min. survey on delivery times. My used copy of "Bulwer and his wife", sent Jan. 29th, came on Feb. 14th. Don't know if this is the survey you wanted, but I am content and recommend your business.
Posted by Mrs. Susan Biegel
As always, book received in great condition and excellent delivery time. Well packaged. Highly Recommend this seller. Thank you.
Posted by C Hollick
CD received in good time and in good condition. Thank you.
Posted by Des Howett
Received ordered book today from BWB, a day before estimated delivery date. Requested by "slip-in" message to complete "survey to help improve delivery times" . I hope this is the "survey form".
Posted by Richard Maning

Hi, this message is just like the one below - I got the book in good time and good condition. Also can't find the survey and hope it'll do. Cheers.

Posted by M Tezla

Have just received a book in very good condition, sent from USA on 20/1/13 arrived here 2/2/13. A slip of paper requests I complete a delivery survey, can't find survey, hope this will do.

Posted by Mr C J Gunn
The three books arrived ahead of the scheduled date to Canada, and am very pleased with the service. Thank you.
Posted by Brian
Great service! Books arrive in good time, I'm in Australia too. Better World Books is my first port of call when looking for books.
Posted by Sue Adams
Although I live in Australia, as another person said, we can often get deliveries quicker than in our own country, and most times in better condition.
Posted by Norm Barnden

Excellent. Rec'd the out of print book promptly and it's in very good shape. thanks.

Posted by robert irvine

The latest order arrived in a timely manner and with no damage. Was a faster delivery than my Christmas card from my sister about 100 kilometres away here in Australia. Thanks.

Posted by colin chambers

I am always happy with the excellent service and quality of the books bought from Betterworldbooks. The delivery is usually in good time. Occasionally there is a bit of delay, though I think some of that may be our postal service rather than delay in posting.

Posted by Dolores Farrell
Excellent service for books sent to Adelaide, South Australia. I received this last lot of books in half the time and have already finished reading one of them. The books are nearly always in excellent condition. Thank you.
Posted by Marlies Sehon
Excellent service, would recommend to others.
Posted by Len Weekes

Excellent and prompt service although one book was a little behind the rest. The prices and quality of even the "used" books was very good and I like the way you handled my order and most importantly used Royal Mail as carriers. I buy quite a let of items on line and M&S and John Lewis use deliverers such as DPD and City Link and they are useless, long winded and leave packages on the door step all broken up and damaged - but that is their affair!! I love proper books and Art Deco subjects. And will use you again. Best wishes for good business during, what is going to be hard year for us all, 2013.

Posted by Tony Knott

Hi, could not get the tinyurl. Great service, I've purchased 3 books on 31st December 2012. Books arrived - delivered to Melbourne Australia on 10th January 2013. Thank you.

Posted by Cvetka Bukovec
This is the 1st time I have purchased a book from BetterWorld. I am impressed with the quality of the book and the delivery time achieved. Well Done!
Posted by William Binns
Lightning fast delivery over this busy season - thank you.
Posted by Guest

Have ordered from you before and understand that the speed from the USA is slower than UK. I appreciate that I can purchase books from the States. Thank you.

Posted by Lesley Lucas

Better World Books have consistently met my expectations. When looking for used books on always purchase from Better World when available.

Posted by Lillian Crooks

I got my delivery in a very reasonable amount of time. Espescially since it was around Christmas time. Thank you.

Posted by Carol Larocque has wonderful service.

Posted by Tony Allen
Hi, Couldn't use tinyurl. You estimated delivery to be about Jan 8th. Books arrived 12th Dec. Thank very much.
Posted by K S McConville

Hello, tinyurl address led nowhere. Your delivery estimate to Brisbane, Australia was Jan 2013 (8th, I think). Books arrived in good condition on 12th December. Thanks very much. Merry Christmas.

Posted by K S McConville
Hello, I have received my order today exactly the date it was about to arrive and in excellent condition. Thank you for the prompt and excellent service. Kind Regards, Dimitra Vitzilaiou P.S.: the title of the book is :Cambridge ancient history, volume IV, Persia, Greece and the western Mediteranean Thank you again!
Posted by Dimitra Vitzilaiou
After being promised delivery of my book on Jan 9 2013 I was delighted when it arrived safe and sound on December 11. Thank you so much for excellent service.
Posted by Wendy Smith-Squires
Received books today and are in great condition. Thanks. If you are asking people to do a survey it should be easier to find on your page. I could not find it!
Posted by E. Dinius
Received book today 7/Dec. Dispatched 27th Nov. Not great? also book has two very sticky labels on cover hiding Title which was difficult to remove and two on inside first page which if I try to remove will damage book.
Posted by Fred Craddock
Received book ordered in September on Monday 3rd December. Thank you for your services.
Posted by audrea Scavella
The book was in a very good condition and it arrived promtly and well packaged. Thanks a lot. The plastic cover outside was a good idea for the long distance to Europe.
Posted by Andrea Meyer
I recently ordered a book from you and it arrived promptly and was well packaged. Many thanks. I will use you again in the future.
Posted by Mike Etches

Ordered a book on Monday 19th November, and it arrived yesterday Friday 30th November. Thanks for the speedy delivery and the good packaging meant it arrived in excellent condition. Thanks.

Posted by Diane Moloney
Received Begley's "Schmidt Delivered" a few moments ago. Book was in perfect condition and it was wrapped perfectly. Looking forward reading it now. Am very pleased with all and will buy again. Very kind regards from Germany. Dieter
Posted by Dieter Hein
Couldn't find the survey site but I am very pleased with my book arriving safely.
Posted by Laurel Jenkins
Excellent service: fast, friendly and efficient.
Posted by John Tait
Thank you for good delivery and packaging. Sincerely.
Posted by Sapin Franoise

No sign of the survey you asked me to participate in - my order arrived safe and earlier than anticipated -thanks.

Posted by colin chambers
Couldn't find the 1 minute survey (to help improve delivery times). But my delivery time was as predicted, and the book sent was excellent. Regards, David
Posted by David Graham Clayton

Quick delivery, well packed, very good service.

Posted by Ray McDermott

I cannot access the survey, but I'm always very happy with the Better world service, and always happy to order from you.

Posted by Dolores Farrell
Book arrived in due time and was in excellent condition for a used book, as promised. Very good service. Thank you.
Posted by Ursula Leuschner

l recieved the book Dreams evolution and value fulfillment vol,1 a Seth book, by Jane Roberts, and am very pleased with your delivery. Thank you and God bless you Diane Crankshaw.

Posted by diane crankshaw

I just love to read. It was a fast delivery. Better world is the best for me to buy books online shopping and it also has free delivery. It was lovey service by better world books.

Posted by Rachel
Book arrived promptly and in good condition. Excellent service.
Posted by Graham Tuck

Received my book in really quick time given that I live 'downunder'. Thank you for a great program.

Posted by Marilyn Newman

Happy with my book. Good quality and prompt service. Thanks.

Posted by Roy

Received Order No.1005-6762246 in very good order. Many thanks, Bob.

Posted by Bob Gibbs

I got the Book today. Thank you for the very good Service. Have a nice Day.

Posted by Gnter Burghardt
Can't find survey. Extremely happy with the feedback after ordering and the quick delivery. Books in good order. Thanks, keep up the good work.
Posted by Louis Bray

B.W.B great to do business with. My books always arrive in very good condition and wonderful not having to pay postage.

Posted by Laurel Howard

One book arrived on time. Second book was 10 days late but since there was no great rush for these book I was very pleased receive them in such excellent condition. Hope to order more books in the future.

Posted by Dan Mac Leod

Tried to complete your servey (as you requested) unable to find on page but very happy with the service and the book arrived much quicker than you anticipated. Thanks, Dean.

Posted by Dean
I couldn't find your survey. The book arrive in due time and in good condition. Thank you. Jean-jacques G.
Posted by Jean-Jacques Guyot

Couldn't find delivery url but my book was happy with his flight and safe arrival and hopes he can have some of his shelfmates come to be with him in Australia real soon. Great service. Thank you. Regards Graeme.

Posted by Graeme Askew

Hi, I could not access your survey but would like you to know I could not be happier with the service I received, thank you.

Posted by Eloise Fryett

Books coming thick and fast, thanks.

Posted by tony

Me too, I could not access your survey (as you requested). I too am very happy with the book I have just received from you (International Delivery). It is in excellant condition. Thank you.

Posted by M Graham
I always purchase my books on Abe Books, and only purchase books at Better World Books. Their prices are good and my deliveries to Australia arrive quickly. Would highly recommend.
Posted by Allan Reeve

Couldn't access you're survey.

Posted by Jonathan darling
A fast first rate service, faster from here than homen posting!
Posted by jim rowe

I can't access tinyurl survey. Thanks a lot, my books arrived as promised. I'm happy shopping with Better World Books.

Posted by Farariza

Didn't use tinyurl survey, but thank you. Book arrived in good time and as described. I'm very pleased with "a life drawing by shirley hughs." Wonderful, all illustrators should read it!

Posted by dennis ollerenshaw
Hi one of my books has arrived but still waiting for three that I ordered the same time. Possibly are ones from other stores. I thought the book that arrived was quite reasonable in its delivery. So awaiting the rest for now. Cheers
Posted by renata

Book arrived swiftly in great condition; highly recommended. Thank you.

Posted by M E Jones

Could not find the survey but got my book in about a week and in very good condition. Thank you.

Posted by Lorraine from Canada

Book was received in 4 weeks. Excellent!

Posted by wgscragg

Thank you. My book arrived, was secondhand but very good condition, was not long in coming. Great service.

Posted by Erica Ward
Thanks. Book arrrived in good time. Perfect.
Posted by Jacqueline Austin
Very happy with everything except the plastic wrapping. Would like to see a more environmentally friendly way of wrapping the books. Thanks for the great service!
Posted by Adrielle

My book: The Maniac in the Cellar; Winifred Hughes arrived here in Harrogate UK in good condition on 13 September. Thank you Best Wishes Dee.

Posted by Dee Hughes

The book arrived in good time. Your 1 minute survey could not be found. I didn't like the sticky insides of the package material sticking to the book.

Posted by peter howard

Book was received in about six weeks. Not bad for Brazil.

Posted by Richard Hayes
My book arrived promptly. Ordered 25th August, arrived at my address in Australia, 10th September.
Posted by Peter Banks

Tried again to complete bwb delivery survey with no luck. However, very happy with delivery & bwb communication.

Posted by sandy murphy

As comment below, couldn't find a survey. But delivery time was fine, all the way to Australia. Ordered some old books that recently became important again. "Grace and Grit" and "Final Exit". Thank you.

Posted by Ursula

Another satisfied customer! First book order was simple, really cheap, good order for price paid (pleasantly relieved), and efficient delivery time to Aus. Cheers.

Posted by vikki

I tried to log in to the page for your survey, but was told the page doesn't exist. However, I have already emailed you about prompt delivery - ordered 28/8, received today, 7/9 - under 2 weeks to Australia is pretty good, thank you.

Posted by Ruth Collerson
Thank you for a great service. Although where I live, Fiji, seems to take longer than normal postage times. I still enjoy your books and the service that you offer. VINAKA, thank you in Fijian.
Posted by Mrs Carol Vosailagi

Received my latest order today by authors Anita Ganeri and Alan Baker , good delivery time books very good condition, prices are great, thanks.

Posted by Lynette Downes
Books requested arrived in time and perfect conditions. Thanks a lot.
Posted by Antonio Germani

Very happy with my orders and the timely delivery. Impressed with the wide range of books and you have not failed me in my search for particular literature. Thank You BWB.

Posted by Towfiek Toefy
I ordered The Law of Attraction recently and it arrived very speedily and in good condition (all the way to Australia). I am very impressed with your excellent service. Thank you. Anja Monnier
Posted by Anja Monnier

Better World Books offers a service for booklovers on Amazon which is second to none.Their prices means that those on lower incomes can buy the best study and reference books. Delivery is faultless over the 10 years I have been a customer. Many thanks BWB!

Posted by Ralph Howell

Hi, very impressed with delivery. Books are in as advertised condition. Love dealing with you people.

Posted by Middleton Grange School Secondary Library

Thank you for the quick delivery to Mayerthorpe AB Canada.

Posted by Jennifer Keller

Thank you for such a quick delivery to Australia! All seven secondhand books are in great condition. I can't wait to start reading! I will recommended you to other people.

Posted by William Greig
Thank you for best delivery.
Posted by Eckart Schloifer

Received delivery today, 15 August. Ordered on 8 August so delivery was quite fast. Books all used, but in very good condition, well packaged, happy with transaction. Thank you.

Posted by Lynette Downes
I ordered a large hardback book on vintage powder compacts, 27 July via Amazon, UK. Arrived 10 August surprisingly in good condition after being mailed in a plastic bag. Very pleased with this ex-Library book which appears never to have been borrowed!
Posted by Barbara Starr
I am amazed at the speed of delivery of my first order from BWB, in spite of being advised of shipping delays to Australia. The condition of the secondhand book was excellent. Thank you.
Posted by Barbara Diery

I have shopped with you recently and not for the first time via That may show that I'm happy with your service. Except the one time when it said on the amazon homepage that you would not deliver to my address(in Switzerland). I'm glad that didn't happen again and will certainly look at your offers again.

Posted by Barbara
I ordered a copy of the book "The Tattoo' only about 10 days ago as I needwed it urgently for an assignment. To my amazement,it arrived yesterday afternoon 1st August 2012. The price was very reasonable considering that it had been mailed from Chicago to Auckland, New Zealand. I am, indeed, very impressed and grateful.
Posted by Paul De Rungs
Living in Fiji I expect my orders to be delayed. Sometimes I get a surprise when books arrive fairly quickly, but that is when they come singularly from another supplier. No matter I am used to the lateness of my orders. They have gone astray twice in all the time that I have been buying from BWB. Still my favourite seller.
Posted by Carol Vosailagi

I ordered a book from on March 5 and just received it today--July 6. Why the delay?

Posted by Ron Klein

I received the book I ordered from Better World in good condition and it came in reasonable time. No problem.

Posted by Margaret Marriott

I receive my orders from in good condition and usually within the given time frame. I like their style.

Posted by Rosamond Gilchrist
Also not having any luck finding the survey link. Happy with my books, cost & shipping. Glad to find some promo codes! Bonus. Thanks!
Posted by Sara Gilbert

Like others I was unable to find your survey but my book arrived in a reasonable length of time from the US to the UK. The book while described as used on Amazon UK's website appears like new and I'm very happy with the price I paid for it. I would buy again from Better World Books without hesitation. Les Carr

Posted by Les Carr

Book arrive in excellent conditon and sooner than I expected. I'll use your service again.

Posted by elisabeth ciceron

The book arrived in excellent condition ( though labelled good ) and in a timely manner. The service was through used books which I suspected might take quite awhile especially since it is from a foreign country. Thank you.

Posted by Ernie Sellers

Didn't find the survey, books arrived much sooner than I expected,in good condition. Will certainly be ordering again.

Posted by monica patterson

Dear all, I didn't find the one minute survey but I would like to thank you all the same for the excellent condition of the book,(Don't Think of an Elephant). Maybe becuse I live in Italy the shipping was very slow.To have to wait over a month foe a book is a little too long, but I'm very glad to have received it. It may well be my fault and I may not have chosen the fastest service but I don't think there was a choice...or was there? Either way happy to finally have the book. Have a good day..from Italy.

Posted by Elizabeth

I could not find your 1 minute survey. The book I ordered took a lot longer to arrive then I expected. Although I realize that the book I ordered was second hand I wasnt expecting a lot of ink underlining in the book.

Posted by Peter Aiken
Thanks for the book which arrived in good time and good condition. Great price and great service.
Posted by Geoff Harvey
Dear Mr., Ms., I did not find the survey but I am sending you my experience with your company. I had two minor problems with ordered books but your staffs were kind and arranged as soon as possible. Before I had ordered from many books from your campany and there had not been any problem. YOUR STAFFS ARE VERY KIND --- THE SERVICES WERE EXCELLENT -- your prices are very economical! Only problem I have the long delevery time but I understand it because my home town is far away from your company in Central-Europe! Sincerely Eva
Posted by Eva Galambos

Could not find the 1 minute survey but your delivery of my book was very prompt barely 7 days, thank you.

Posted by Margaret Million

Received my order--A Fearful Innocence--in good time & condition. Thank you.

Posted by frances beer
I tried the web address to do the survey - didn't exist. A bit frustrating when the customer (me) takes the trouble to do this then nothing's there. I just got to this website, with no sign of a survey. My book arrived promptly, excellent service. From USA - New Zealand
Posted by Susan Grimsdell

I did not find the survey link. My ordered book was supposed to be deilvered on 21st May but arrived on 6th June (from USA to Italy).

Posted by Mike Price

Excellent service. Will use your site again and recommend it to my friends.

Posted by John Bolte
Received the book THE BEST OF FRANCE: Paris, Brittany, Castles of Loire and Provence. Very happy with the book and it only took 3 weeks to get to Norfolk Island, South Pacific. Wonderful service, thanks again.
Posted by C Harkness
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful books and relatively short delivery time!
Posted by Karen Arychuk
It is not possible to find the SURVEY LINK. However, often the books arrived ahead of the stated date of delivery. [I still have not received BENJAMIN FRANKLIN : An American Life ordered on 3.5.2012 - (Hungry Bookworm) - I am very pleased with the quality of books that I have ordered and received so far. Keep up your fine work.
Posted by Frank A. Modica
i couldn't find the 1 minute survey but i did want to say that the books i ordered came and the delivery was in good time and the books were in good condition and i would certainly use you again.
Posted by sarah heale
No survey link! Book arrived in UK much more quickly than I expected, thanks.
Posted by crafty sailor
Also couldn't find the survey link, although my book arrived in quick time.
Posted by Guest
Couldn't find the survey link. Very happy with the speedy delivery to Australia via the postal services of both countries. The book arrived in perfect order yesterday (24 May 12). I have bought several books from Better World Books and will shop with them again.
Posted by Paul Coker

I have been buying a number of books from you recently through Amazon. I have one comment which I hope will be taken on board. The books when shipped are sent in flimsy packaging which means that many of the books arrive damaged; in particular hardcover books have damage to the corners and the spine of the book. I feel this can be avoided if the books are bubble wrapped. This does not add to the weight appreciably as bubble wrap is 99% air and this ensures that the books arrive in good condition. Thank You Franz.

Posted by F.Khan

Couldn't find the survey link! Very happy with the book and the service provided. I will happily shop with BetterWorldBooks again. Received the book in Aberdeen Scotland today 22/05/12.

Posted by Lillias Sultan
The book I ordered was available much cheaper via this supplier than elsewhere. It arrived promptly and in fine condition. I would definitely use the same BWB again.
Posted by John Sullivan
I get books from BWB cheaper than at home! (Sydney, Australia) The used books are accurately described and arrive in about 7 business days. I would recommend BWB.
Posted by Mel
I too couldn't find the survey link, but I am happy with the book and the service provided. I will happily shop with BetterWorldBooks again.
Posted by Margaret J Davies
I'm really impressed. Thank you very much for these hard to find books in such good condition!
Posted by Sue

I can't find the survey link BUT I am very happy with the quality of my book. Delivery time was excellent---ordered May 1;received May 11. From Illinois USA to Queensland Australia in 10 days is great service. Happy to recommend BWB to all my mates!!

Posted by David Tregillgas
Great work done my order for the the study guide to accompany brunner and suddarth's text book of medical and surgical nursing just arrived in time and the item looks great as said . Am really pleased,God bless you, ciao.
Posted by Boakye Abraham
According to Amazon your book was due on the 1st May and I got it on the 7th. Apart from that little delay, its condition was good. Thanks
Posted by Eugenio Ferrn-Mata
Both machine embroidery books arrived promptly (May 14/12) and in good condition, with the CD included for each. Thank you for your excellent service.
Posted by Barbara Buehl
You are the best...Keep up the great work. Thanks.
Posted by Saman HASHEMIPOUR

I ordered a CD from you (Christmas is Christmas by Toby Keith). The cd arrived on 09/05/12.This was a long time after the shipment date, which was 04/23/2012.The cd case was cracked as well.

Posted by Robin Gillard

Received second book order today 15 May. Happy with quality of books, speed of delivery. As we say in Australia "no worries" would recommend to anyone wanting good value, good quality books.

Posted by Lynette
Good delivery service to France - well within estimated time. Book in excellent condition Thanks
Posted by Anita Davey

Books arrived today 10/5/12 in really good condition. Delivery not as long as expected. Looking forward to my next delivery.

Posted by Lynette
I have just received a book I ordered from Better World - "With Jesus in Jerusalem." Thank you. Unfortunately, water must have got through the packaging as the book is quite wet in the lower half & many pages are stuck together. Thought I should let you know. I found this very disappointing as I have so looked forward to receiving this book. Sr. Fidelis.
Posted by Sr Fidelis McAnespie
I recently purchased a cook book from you and BEFORE i ordered it (Ebay-Paypal) I was given the cost of the book and postage to Vienna, Austria (Europe) by a very efficient girl named Theresa. I am trying to order another book and now the email correspondence is with a person named JASON who has informed me that HE can not tell me the cost of the book but did send the post of shipping to Austria ($9.00). I find this extremely strange as I wish to know the cost of what I am ordering. Am I getting the ""run around?"" - I hope not. I do thank your for your attention to my comments. I think your organization is doing excellent work and I would like to continue to help by ordering books from you. Thank you - Professor Frank A. Modica
Posted by Professor Frank A. Modica
The books arrived two weeks after purchase on 30/04/2012, which is normal, as it was a long distance trip and would have to undergo the custom's clearance as well. Very happy with my purchase and will continue to buy from this company.
Posted by Mirjana

Thank you for your prompt delivery of my order. I will continue to order my books through your company and pass on you name to my friends and others. Received your shipment on 1/05/2012.

Posted by Anthony Cooper
I order the titles I want and they always arrive early --whether from BWB U.K. or BWB U.S.A.---great service great books . Sorry looked everywhere but I can't find the link to the one minute survey . Michael Lythgoe
Posted by Michael Lythgoe

Excellent fast service from USA to UK - thanks.

Posted by sally hughes
I will continue to purchase books from BWB because of the prices, the free shipping, and the courteous staff. I realise that Fiji must seem like the ends of the earth, and postage is slow getting here, but eventually books do get here. I am a happy customer.
Posted by Carol Vosailagi

Received your shipment on 4/10/2012. Promptly and in great condition. Many thanks.

Posted by maria c thomson

Received my book today. It is in wonderful condition and arrived within time frame you outlined.

Posted by lorna feather
No idea where you alleged survey is, did not "turn up" when I attempted link. Book is fine, as ordered, and arrived on the 18th April @ 09.30 which is 16 days after your Print Date, and 18 days after your Shipment Created date. If that is of any help fine! Stew
Posted by Stewart Kent
Where on earth is your 1 minute survey? It took me more than a minute not being able to find it!
Posted by Valerie Walder

Thank you for the delivery of the Emery and Trist book swiftly and in good condition. As my predecessor says - can't find the survey!

Posted by John Bazalgette
Like so many others I can't find the survey - this is the only complaint I have and really should be fixed by BWB as it gives a negative impression. Book delivery was excellent.
Posted by Julian Ironside
You requested I complete a one-minute survey so here is my DIY response. I ordered Native Religious Traditions, which I was very glad to find. It arrived!! There have been times when used books I ordered on-line (not from you) never showed up and that still rankles. It was well packaged and the book was in as good or better condition than stated on your site. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Perry Davis
Just received my book order and I am pleased. Thank you very much. Book is in great shape.
Posted by Pat Irwin
Books order placed through Abebooks UK. Quick service and material and very good condition. Order 77792464 Paul - Spain
Posted by Paulino Romero

I have placed quite a few orders from Australia and I have always found service, delivery and packaging most excellent and faultless! Keep up the great work.

Posted by Barbara

Book arrived safely today. A lot of thanks but can't find the 1 minute survey.

Posted by Harindranath j
The book arrived in Indonesia on March 9, in great shape. Thank you for your service!
Posted by Melanie
The book arrived ordered on 2/13/2012 arrived in good condition on 3/2/2012 thank you.
Posted by S. Brew
The books "The physical World of the Greeks" and "Condensed - Matter and Materials Physics" arrived in perfect condition in less than a month since ordered. Thank you very much.
Posted by S. Sakkopoulos

First books arrived in 1 month. Books in good order and look forward to reading them. Where is the 1 minute survey?

Posted by Fay Christensen

Can't find the survey but I am more than happy with the service. I regularly use the service. I don't worry about the time factor as I always get my books. They are usually pretty close to the promised time. I'm with Helga on the question below "am I human?"

Posted by Marion
The book, Men of Ideas, arrives on the 24th of Feb., 2012, today. It is a good service, but I couldn't find the so called "1 minute survey" either, You should be serious.
Posted by chuangtonglee

Received book in one month, thank you. I couldn't find the 1 minute survey either.

Posted by Daphne
The used book I ordered, "The Adventures of Captain Hatteras", could well be a brand-new book. It arrived in perfect condition and right on time. Many thanks! - Your question, "are you a human" seems bizarre. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to this!
Posted by Helga Busch

Survey doesn't seem to come up however delivery was earlier than we were led to believe and the book was in much better condition than we were led to believe. Many thanks for excellent service.

Posted by carol allman

Amazon order #002-0861014-9187452. Your # W4-S051-05-17 TI -826-041.  You sent me the wrong book. Aids to Radiological Differential diagnosis By Chapman. I did not order this book. Radiographic measurement by Rosenberg is what I ordered. I am not going to ask for refund or sent back the wrong book. It is not worth the trouble. Please be careful with future order. Thanks. MC

Posted by Mario Chui

Got my book in great time and great condition. I tried to find this book here in the UK but I ended up ordering it from you guys only to find out it was printed in England only 15 miles from where I live. I will be using better world books again.

Posted by eugene stokes

I can't find the survey but i'm very pleased with the prompt delivery - ordered 07/02/12 and expected delivery was between 08/03/12 and 09/04/12 and it arrived 18/02/12 yay :) - also happy with book - would definitely use this service again.

Posted by karen shakes

Dear Sir, We have been regularly placing orders, however we've noticed that it takes at least one month to receive the books. We don't have any objections, except that when we don't get the books within the date provided we begin to think that there is something wrong. Please correct the delivery period or see if something is going wrong with the shipping.

Posted by Kona Mukunda Rao

The book is great but I can't find the survey.

Posted by ann from barcelona

Placed order 31/01/12 received 17/02/12 in Australia. I also placed an order with Book Depository in UK the same day and received it a week earlier on 10/02/12 and that was sent by normal post. I think better world books are great to deal with but the delivery times are just too long! Am I human? I hope so.

Posted by Maree
The books arrived Feburary 14, 2012 and the order was placed January 26, 2012. The books were as expected. They arrived sooner than anticipated seeing we are so far north!
Posted by Annie Bosum

My book arrived on Friday. It is well marked inside with a yellow highlighter pen and lookes old and tired. I dont mind old books but this feels like the previous owner has come along with the book and I am not sure its acceptable or even if I can read it at all. Right now I am not sure what to do!! Very disappointed. Maria Shapero

Posted by maria shapero

I couldn't find the delivery survey, but I am very happy with the speed and had no problems at all.

Posted by Marianne Hadsund

I love BWB and often order through I can get the very best prices on used books, often in excellent condition. It takes at least 2 and sometimes 3 weeks or more for my books to be delivered to me in France, but it's not a major problem for me as I always have books on order and coming in, so I just read them as I get them. Vive BWBooks!

Posted by Andreamatch

Can't find the survey but I received my book yesterday- three weeks from order date. Thank you. Carol Mohr

Posted by Carol Mohr
Couldn't find the survey your yellow slip asked me to complete, but the "shipment created" date was 1/18/2012 and the book has reached me in Newfoundland today, 2/9/2012. Three weeks.
Posted by Martin Lovelace

I couldn't locate survey either. I can't remember the date of the order but the book arrived today, February 10, 2012. The book is in good nick (Australian for condition) and I am delighted with the service. I have no hesitation in recommending Better World Books to colleagues and friends. Think you're brilliant. Am I human. No I don't think so. I'm an elf.

Posted by pamela wilson

The packing slip says 15 January 2012; received the books on 10 February 2012. Not bad, but I've received all my other books from other locations much faster, starting on January 24th!!! I wonder what happens if you're "not a human" say, perhaps, a cat who likes to read.

Posted by Carol Kraft
Received my books in New Zealand on 8/2. Shipping was on 12/1 so not quite the 7-14 working days indicated. But given the price I am really delighted.
Posted by Fern

Ordered January 17. Received February 6th. A couple of days past the expected date.

Posted by Ray Hyde

Asked to fill in 1 minute survey regarding shipping. Have to say that delivery time was much faster than previous orders from your company. It took exactly 3 weeks from dispatch notice to delivery to home. Excellent, well done!! Thank you, I have often not ordered thinking it is going to take to long to get to Australia, much improved!!! Books in good condition and will enjoy the read.

Posted by Merrilyn Peck
Your order 0015511095. Took 3 weeks but ok for Australia. Am upset that the 3 books were sent in one parcel, but you charged me for 3 separate items. Don't agree with your comments that it is common practice. Glen.
Posted by Glen Crothers

I order a book from amazon The Iriquois (North American Indians) by Sheila Wyborny I need an invoice number with the date, cost of the book and the name of the book. Could you please send it to me by email.

Posted by Steven Watkins
I am looking for this book: Helmut Caspar Vom Taler zum Euro. Die Berliner, ihr Geld Berlin story Verlag Berlin 2006 Could you help me? Thank you v.m. ADV
Posted by armando de vidovich
Audio book arrived 02/02/2012. It was ordered 19.01.12. I was not expecting this delay and have never experienced this with other orders through Amazon.
Posted by Stephen Clinch

The book arrived safely and in good time. Well protected by packaging. No complaints except 10 minutes wasted trying again and again to fill in the survey. Computing is not my favourite occupation. I prefer reading a good books! Best wishes from chilly Wales.

Posted by Gwen

Hi Book TL-711-888 posted by yourselves on 24th Jan 2012 arrived today 3rd February 2012 in good condition. Thanks PJ.

Posted by PW Johnson

The book arrived safe and in good condition.

Posted by antonio palma

Ordered my book on January 23, 2012 and it was delivered to Kingston, Ontario Canada on February 02 2012. That is fantastic delivery. Thank you for the prompt service.

Posted by Eduarda
Received my book and it arrived within a week and a half of ordering it. Book was in excellent condition. Would love to fill out the survey but like Lorraine I can't find the link for the survey.
Posted by Donna
I buy several books from ABE Books every year. I always go to Better World first and usually I find what I am looking for. Keep up the good work! All of the books that I have purchased from Better World have been more than satisfactory !
Posted by Derek Evans
Books received on schedule. Packaging in question, but no damage. Cost was great so no harm.
Posted by Kostas Koronidis

Thank you so much for the Quilted Havens book and cannot wait to start a project. My husband choose one for me as soon as the book arrived.  Mary

Posted by Mary Wheeler

I received my book in excellent condition exactly 2 weeks after I ordered it. I was a bit concerned as I didn't receive an email to say it was on its way. Anyway I am more than happy with the service.

Posted by Kay Dermody

Book arrived within a week, good timing from U.S. to G.B. Minimal packaging but all intact and book safe. Very reasonably priced.

Posted by Susan Geringer, Gloucestershire, England.
Where is the link for the survey ??? Book arrived on time. Did not like the packaging. What is that all about???
Posted by Lorraine
The book arrived after more than two months in Lima, Peru. But it was worth the delay because both the book and the shipping cost were very low. Thank you!
Posted by Lidia Ferdmann

Book received in excellent time and condition. Thank you.

Posted by edward joffe

I requested the book Diamonds and Coral ( ISBN-0841903697) by Yogev and the invoice said the same thing. But the book I got was Political Anti-semitism in England 1918-1939 by Lebzelter. Is there a chance of sending the invoiced book?

Posted by Dr. O P NOONE

Book arrived this morning as i was sending feedback for other purchases bought via Amazon. Arrived in very good condition, better than i expected and well within time allotted. Great service and hope to shop again soon.

Posted by Keith Darrell

Where is this survey referred to on the yellow slip?  Why doesn't BWB let buyers report safe delivery via their Accounts?

Posted by Irritated B'Bumf

The book arrived yesterday in excellent condition and within 2 weeks. Thank you.

Posted by Josie

Order #: 90934307. Book arrived in Switzerland today in good condition. Arrival day 18/01/12 which is one day later than the 17th, which was considered as the last possible date of delivery before the order could be considered as lost in transit. (Still happy about it).

Posted by William Lloyd
As everyone else has mentioned, the survey link doesn’t work. I don’t know if you read these comments, but I’ll post one just in case. My ordered book arrived much quicker than expected (only 11 days to UK) but I was disappointed with the packaging. My order was for an old book, published in 1901, and although shrink wrap outer covering is generally ok, it is no protection from knocks. Reinforced packaging would better protect corners etc. from bumping. There was also a small label stuck to the spine. When removed, this has left a sticky residue that I cannot remove without probably damaging the embossed gold leaf. I can only hope that with time it will harden enough to flake off. Another disappointment. Although it will add to the packaging cost, I strongly recommend reinforcing for your books in transit. Although all books demand respect, new books can easily be replaced, whereas old, difficult to find books require more care. Please take note for the benefit of your future customers.
Posted by Andy Millard
The book arrived in good order 3 or 4 weeks after the order was sent. The delay is expected for goods coming from USA to Scotland. I am Tommy, a greyhound, but my human, Frank is dictating this, so the answer to the question below, "Are you human?" is No.
Posted by Frank

From Mark Aherne in Ireland. I ordered and purchased from your co. (through Amazon) the book entitled " My Passion for Design " by the American singer Barbra Streisand. It arrived very promptly and is in very good condition - 'almost perfect'. Many thanks! Mark Aherne

Posted by Mark Aherne
I received my order of three books the 11th of January. I am very happy with the books. Thanks a lot for your service. God bless you!
Posted by Rosalyn Swartzentruber
I would just like to say that the book that I ordered, an ex library book Heaven and Hell, my life in the Eagles by Don Felder. Was delivered quite quickly especially as it was over the Christmas / New Year , and is in very good condition.
Posted by Leigh Wallace
Book was received in timely fashion. However, I must add that the shrink wrap is sticky on the inside and adhered to the dust jacket of the book in such a manner as to cause me, while opening the package with scissors, to inadvertently cut the dust jacket in half. Yes, the book is a first addition, gratefully not a valuable one, but damaged none the less. I recommend that a cautionary note be affixed to the shipment urging recipient to use care in opening and if possible the shrink wrapping not have adhesive on the inner side.
Posted by Olin Tillotson

Yellow slip but no link. Book arrived from US within the time limit. Condition of book was very good (despite the self-effacing description on ABE!). And excellent value. Excellent service - many thanks!

Posted by Richard Johnson

My son bought me the book and he was told it would be here by the 1/12. It came today which is the 13. it was well wrapped and the book is in great condition. I think he will use you again.

Posted by marjie mason

I received the book in very good condition but, I had to ask for it several times because it appears as if it had been lost by the mail delivery. Anyway, I'm already reading it and enjoing of course. Thank you for all your kindness.

Posted by Miguel Angel Simón Ezeyza
Quite willing to fill out a survey (link broken) or give positive comments. Book arrived 1 day before deadline, well-packed, in good condition, and what a pleasure to purchase books in English at a reasonable cost (book postage). I will definitely buy again from BWB.
Posted by Radebibli

I cannot find your survey but my books arrived very quickly and in good order. Thank you. I placed my order through Amazon and would use you again.

Posted by susan gill

Thank you for my order. Everything arrived here in Australia in good condition, excellent packaging and fast shipment. I will continue to purchase from you when needed. (nice touch is the message from the 'book'!) PS. I can't bring up the survey either.

Posted by Dorothy M

I can't find the survey but 10 out of 10 in all areas of service a pleasure to do business with BWB.

Posted by Allen Soxsmith
I received my book today which means delivery to the UK took less then three weeks, was a real surprise to me because usually it's anything up to three from America. The condition was marked as Good but I would give it an Excellent, a few stickers as its an ex library book but the inside looks untouched and it was just what I was looking for. Thanks much, I will definitely be buying again from you ^_^
Posted by Emma Gilchrist

Sir, I received book order TK-994-524 in the traces. Very prompt service considering coming from U.S. during christmas period Very happy with this book but unable to get onto survey site, many thanks, Rob.

Posted by rob newbold

We asked for a book by George Matheson.

Posted by Morris

Received the last book of three ordered today. It's good to know westerns are still available. Even with the Christmas holiday period the books arrived in good condition and prompt delivery. Many thanks you will be hearing from us again. P.J D.

Posted by Paul

Received book order #91055618 safely. In excellent condition and well packed. Delighted with service. Had read "Steamboats on the Saskatchewan" many times over the past forty years via local university library, but had been unable to obtain personal copy through usual channels. Despite its long trip across the Atlantic, the copy which you have so kindly forwarded appears to have adapted well to it's new home amongst the hills of Wales! Diolch yn fawr.

Posted by Brian A E Hendy

Cannot find the survey you asked me to fillout (from the yellow slip). My book was delivered in good packaging and good condition - thank you. It arrived on 10th January - was ordered in December. Thank you.

Posted by Wendy Pike
Hi, I received my 2 books by Michael Connelly only today, January 9, but better late than never. I shall buy from you again.
Posted by Francis M. Godel
Unable to complete survey as requested however will post my comments on service here. Excellent service, posted in USA on 20 December 2011 and received in NZ on 7 January 2012. Thanks alot, as I am very pleased with delivery times especially as it was over the Xmas period.
Posted by Mrs Pier Pilkington

I received my book today, 7th January, 2012 in good order.

Posted by lynn gray

Hi everyone, Happy New Year to all of you. I ordered 3 books from BetterWorldBooks on December 9, 2011 and the delivery was planned on December 26,2011 as a dead line. The books arrived on December 28. The packaging was actually very good and the books were ok. You kindly asked me to give my advice. Here it is. The only reproach I have is these 2 days after the given delivery date. Thanks for my young students. Now they can read nice stories from Foxwood. Maryse Peyé from the south of France.

Posted by Maryse PEYE

Excellent service. Thank you.

Posted by Graham Griffiths
I received my package today in perfect order. Thanks!!
Posted by Dr. Jan Voogt
I cannot find your one minute survey but I have received my books and as usual I am thrilled with the service.
Posted by Heather Maddison

Cannot find survey, presume this is it!. Received the book, a very good copy thank you. Delivery time a little bit longer than expected. Well done.

Posted by brian hynes

Could not find survey but my seven books arrived in Australia in quick time.

Posted by Gordon S. Gray
I was asked via your yellow slip to take part in a 1 minute survey; but cannot find it. I am very happy with the service you provide and the very fast delivery times. BEM
Posted by Bruce Maughan

The yellow slip that came with the book asked me to come to this web site to fill out a survey. I don't see it! The book arrived in good condition and in time. Thank you very much for your service.

Posted by Alexandra Graham

Book ordered 12/6 arrived 1/2 from another continent. Very pleased, very well packed, excellent service.

Posted by Miny Starrenburg
The yellow slip that came with my book asked me to fill out a survey. Where is it? Incidentally, I'm very pleased with both the book and the service.
Posted by Tony Sulllivan

I was surprised at the speed of delivery of my book considering the low postage and packing charge all the way from the U.S.A. I hope I can find more hard to find books over there. I can't find a survey to fill out as per the yellow note so am leaving you this comment.

Posted by Michael Mole

I to have a yellow slip asking me to take part in a survey. I can't find the survey but the book arrived on the 30th of December so we were very pleased. Thank you.

Posted by Janet Martin

Obviously a problem with your survey link; I couldn't find it either so don't include it with your packages! Wouldn't have minded filling it out as my international delivery to England has arrived safe.

Posted by Sharon Glen

I am very pleased with response.

Posted by M.STANLEY

The books I ordered at the end of November were delivered, one in 5 days and 2 others in 20 days. I'm very satisfied.

Posted by bflyons

Yes, I am happy with everything. Thank you.

Posted by Morag McKinlay
Very quick delivery from another continent.
Posted by Petra
Order received in good time and condition thanks,
Posted by francis mccarthy
The book I ordered from Amazon UK on November 25 was delivered at my Belgium address on December 26 (from the USA). Despite it was not packed in sturdy carton (just a sealed plastic wrapping), surprisingly, it arrived in perfect shape!
Posted by Cornelis Attema

The book I ordered did not arrive until Christmas Eve, fortunately I was still able to pack it with the other items I had pucchased for this person in time for the special day. I feel a little disappointed but would still use this seller again. Thank you AJR.

Posted by Mrs A. Rigby
My books were ordered on 25 November 2011 and and arrived the morning of Xmas eve 24 December 2011. Great timing. Thank you
Posted by Jennifer Benfer
Thank you for quick and perfect delivery. Well done 1
Posted by Claus Krause
Received order 11748222 yesterday, thanks. Time taken only 15 days to get here to Australia so it's improving - last order took 3 weeks. Seasons greetings!
Posted by margaret whitfield
I received order ORd-DLP-335 on 20/12/2011 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The box however was not sturdy enough to support the weight of the books and the post office parceled it in a sturdy plastic bag.
Posted by Theresa Diedericks

Received my book today, thank you.

Posted by chriss
Very efficient service. Thank you.
Posted by gayl mcmanus

Michelin Green Guide Florida arrived in excellent condition, although it took almost one month from the USA to Germany.

Posted by Klaus Stahl
I have always wanted to be a little green man from Mars, but I am only a human and as a human I send BetterWorldBooks warm greetings for their excellent service.
Posted by Aage Andersen- Denmark

Thanks for your prompt delivery of my order.

Posted by gerald hoare

Thanks for my recent order via Abebooks UK; Herbert List Photographs 1930-1970.

Posted by Malcolm Thomson
Prompt service, and my book arrived in excellent condition. Thanks
Posted by Dave Ward

I received my order accompanied by a yellow slip with a link address for me to participate in a survey.  This link does not work and it would appear that I am not the first person to advise this.

Posted by roger james
Books arrived in good time to OZ, excellent condition as stated on the website. Thank you will certainly use again and recommend to friends. Keep up the good work you do. I suppose I could consider myself Human. Couldn't find the survey page also
Posted by elizabeth
Thanks for your service.It is much appreciated.
Posted by David Pow
The book "Is that a fish in your ear?" arrived today Dec.6 in good condition.
Posted by Kenneth Webb - South Australia
Good, fast, and economical service from USA to NZ, many thanks.
Posted by Don

I'm satisfied if I'm human- you'd be surprised what my wife would say.

Posted by david cornel

Little note with the book delivery to fill out a 1 minute survey. Where is it?Item arrived in good time to New Zealand I certainly recommend this people.

Posted by greg

I logged on the survey page but had to retreive my book order number. I could not get back to the survey page. Thank you for my book and the surprise email I received from the book when I ordered!

Posted by Shelley Mac Leod

The book I ordered from you by Masha Hamilton was received in good shape, and within the time limits mentioned by the web site. Thanks very much.

Posted by Judith Legman

Best, friendliest service I have ever had from any company. You folks are amazing, and I love your humor too! You've never disappointed me, your books are in great shape, and I applaud you for this organization that supports Literacy- one of our most important gifts! I recommend you to all my friends!

Posted by Spruce Lynch Krier

Can't find the survey but wanted to let you know that my book did arrive thank you. It took a little longer than before but still good service.

Posted by Carol Mohr

Came to fill survey but none to be found. Exellent service though. Good delivery times also the book is in condition as described. I live in Wales, U.K. Keep up the good work BWB. A big thank you. Definitely will use you again also will recomend to all.

Posted by Spiritform

Can't find the survey either but I just ordered 5 books to Australia and got them in 10 days and all are in good or excellent condition. Go Better world books.

Posted by Patricia

My book arrived 25 days after order was placed in Aust. Could not find the survey. No wonder all other book outlets deliver Aust in 12-14 days.

Posted by Reg

Where is the survey?

Posted by William F. Finn
The used-good book that I purchased arrived in excellent condition and very quickly. Excellent service and will do business again.
Posted by Roman Hruby
Your delivery of my book was very timely. It was delivered to my door and I was very impressed. I would buy from you guys again. Thanks
Posted by Rhoda Hascarl
Coudn't find the survey on 'tinyurl' but have never had a problem with delivery from BetterWorld Books. Usually takes about 4 weeks to Canada.
Posted by Lorne Grasley
Thank you for the book. I was however rather disappointed in the condition which was said to be used-good. There was a large sticker at the back saying library discard which cannot be removed without tearing the book. and water had been spilt on one of the pictures. I can't give it to my grandson for Christmas !
Posted by Ann Jill Spence
Thanks for the excellent service. I have been dealing with BetterWorld Books for some time and I am always happy with the results. The products arrive in good condition and swift time. I also like the concept of helping the environment and with literacy in third world countries. You have my vote!
Posted by E Wilson

Thank you better world books for the free postage. The book arrived in good order, and the free postage was a big help. Thanks again. Mareah.

Posted by mareah wilson
I too tired to fill out the one minute survey but could not find it. However, I was rather taken by the fact that the request for participation in your survey, was made 'Sincerely, your book'. Well, I thank you for prompt service, good condition of the novel in question and I'm delighted to reply to such a nice note from the item itself.
Posted by C. Richardson

One book arrived 11/22/11 in great condition, one book still to come (couldn't find sevice for survey on yellow paper). Very happy with service, thanks.

Posted by kerry
Thank you for your excellent service. Very pleased with the condition of the book which was bought for my daughter on her request as a present, and with the delivery time which was faster than I expected.
Posted by Catherine Ash

Thanks for the wonderful, prompt service. The book we ordered is in great condition.

Posted by Pearl Levin

Couldn't find the survey either. Book arrived in reasonable time. Well packaged and in good condition.

Posted by Pat

I tried to find your survey and failed.

Posted by Jerome B. Rosenfeld

The book arrived fast and in great conditon.

Posted by dave denny
Couldn't find the survey. The books I asked arrived, one today, the other yesterday. There are two to come yet. Also, you gave me a refund for a book that did not arrive, but ater 3 months it came to me. I wrote a message to you (customer service, I think) wanting to pay it, but never got any answer. Thank you.
Posted by Marcia Paula Migliacci

Book arrived in three weeks in good condition. Couldn't find survey as instructed on yellow piece of paper.

Posted by jenny buckwell
Couldn't find survey. Book arrived in Australia today, 18/11/2011. Very pleased with your service. Thank you.
Posted by Meredith

Your book arrived within a reasonable time...and in perfect condition! Thanks again!

Posted by nelly agnes
The delivery of "Poland, a Historical Atlas" by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski arrived today,16th November @ 4pm, 12 days after ordering. Thank you. The book is fine but I did not like the back plastic wrapping which was glued to the book cover and had to be peeled off. I was afraid that the cover would be damaged. Yours sincererly, Danuta Gray.
Posted by Danuta Gray
Tried unsuccessfully to reply survey ! My book arrived in Australia in 11 days.
Posted by Dunca Stebbing
The estimated delivery time was underestimated. Possibly it is the postal service, or border customs offices. In any event the delay was beyond the time quoted. The book did arrive in good condition.
Posted by Gordon Bitney

I got the book in 12 days. Try for 8 days and you will be 5 star. ian

Posted by ian shand
Like those below, I was unable to find the survey at Book arrived here in Victoria BC in 14 days.
Posted by Reinhard Schlosser

Hi from Australia....can't find page either, book arrived in 20 days. Thank you.

Posted by Margaret

Survey did not work! My book arrived in just 11 days.

Posted by DuncanStebbing

No link found to your survey. Excellent fast delivery service. Postage very reasonable.

Posted by Heather Eade
Received book "Samsung Galaxy S for Dummies", very pleased, as always, with your prompt service. could not fill in survey ( no link)
Posted by Kenneth Cass
You sent me "Symbol and Ritual in the New Spain" by L D Edies. I couldn't find the survey you asked me to fill out but the delivery USA to UK was prompt and I found the service highly satisfactory.

I got my order in 8 days great service!

Posted by Linda Sutherland `
Received my order within 6 working days - USA to UK. Great service!
Posted by brian gallop
I tried to fill out the delivery survey as requested for my book `more lakeland walking on the level` received 10 nov. 2011 but it did not appear. just to let you know it arrived from america in 12 days. I am extremely pleased with it`s condition value and delivery.Thank you.
Posted by g garvey
Thank you for sending on the copy of Disordered Loves which I received today in perfect condition. I am very happy to have received it. Angela
Posted by Angela Hoare
The book I received was in a timely manner and in excellent condition. Like many of the people here, the survey link provided does not exist. If you do, indeed, want your customers to complete it, I suggest you look into it. Yes, I'm human, but maybe the person who created that link isn't.
Posted by Patricia Delipper
I received the book in a timely manner and in excellent condition. I do suggest, though, that if you want people to complete a survey, you provide a link that exists.
Posted by Patricia Delipper
The book that I ordered arrived in France 11 days before the deadline. Thank you.
Posted by Denis PATRITTI

Your delivery is really vert fast! Thank You! To your "Human" question: I - hope - that I am a human. But how can one be sure?

Posted by Dr. Hannes Pramer

Thank you for the prompt delivery. It was two weeks from the time I ordered until I recieved it in Australia. I will definatly use this service again. Dawn

Posted by Dawn Ibbett

Thanks for the prompt service. 10 days from placing the order and receiving it in Australia.

Posted by Dawn Ibbett

Your book arrived in Australia in 12 days. Well done!

Posted by Norm McFarlane
Also could not find survey but LAB Experiments Collage book arrived today. Thanks. Great service.
Posted by Laurel Sheridan
The time you allowed was right to the day to Australia. I have been unable to find the 1min survey. Thank you for the book delivery as requested but would have liked a bit of cardboard around to protect the book.
Posted by Judi Cunningham
Book received. Me gusta mucho esta iniciativa. La cultura para todos deberia ser un pensamiento global.
Posted by Jordi Badia
My order just arrived to my own letter-box in Sweden today, November 3rd. Very pleased with the book and happy with the delivery. Could not find your tinyurl. So I'm answering the book's demand for response in this way.
Posted by Florence Vilén
Thanks so much for the Bernard richter book. It arrived well within stipulated time, thanks.
Posted by H brigdale
I just received the moon travel book with no problems. Thanks.
Posted by lee
Book received. No problems, thanks.
Posted by Ian Sutherland
Thanks for the delivery of my book. The service has been great and the book is as described. Thank you.
Posted by Colin Brown
The Atlas of Medical Parasitology by Vigar Zaman was safely received (order 14350225). Thanks and my warmest regards, Jani Dipokusumo.
Posted by Jani Dipokusumo
I have found the service very good, even to this end of the world.
Posted by tom
Couldn't find the 'survey' but am very pleased with the service. Many thanks.
Posted by piet
Thank you so much for the book. It was even better than described. Delivery was very speedy. Would definitely recommend.
Posted by Maureen Bendall
Many thanks for the efficient and speedy service to the UK.
Posted by Karen Jones
I ordered "Dynamic Modeling" Sept 16, it arrived here in Portugal on the 24th of Oct. Some pieces of cardboard around the book may have prevented minor damages...
Posted by Jose Martins
Thank you for your prompt service and your follow up and interest in my order. I hope to continue using your excellent service.
Posted by John F
I recently purchased a book and duly received it, however I would not use this service to purchase books required for a gift as the service from purchasing to delivery is to long a wait with no communication in between. When purchased there was no information as to how long the delivery time would be. Improved communication would help. Regards.
Posted by Olive Driscoll
A good travel for my book, sent on Nov. 10 and home in France today, Nov 24. Thanks! Am I a Human? I don't really know.
Posted by Castel Michele
Excellent books and service. U.K buyer.
Posted by Luca
Ordered three books by the same author. The service was great and I will order again soon. Still looking for the 1 minute survey.
Posted by Jeff Dent
The book I ordered arrived exactly as you said it would. In it was a request to complete a 1 minute survey. I am happy to do this, please send it to me. The address you gave on the yellow slip of paper I cannot find. Eric H Gill
Posted by Eric Hill
Condition of my second hand book in better condition than I had expected. Very Pleased. However delivery took almost a month which was not good.
Posted by allan bruce
It took a month for the books to arrive, and I was told there was no way to track delivery. I am glad the books did eventually arrive and in proper condition.
Posted by Garry E. Hornbeck
Order 026-6628459-4644319 took nearly 3 weeks to be deliverd using DHL. By using Royal Post and TNT post to the Netherlands, the parcel takes only 5 days for delivery. Just thougth I'd let you know.
Posted by H van der Linden
The book arrived very fast and in excellent condition. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Posted by Ron
Like the others I could not find the survey site. I got my books and am happy.
Posted by lorraine
Brilliant service! I was delighted to this receive hard-to-find book so quickly. I'm afraid i can't find your 1 minute survey.
Posted by Professor S Maharaj
Thank you, my book arrived on time and the packaging was excellent. Regards.
Posted by Evelyn Jackson
I tried to fill out your survey on but the page didn't exist!
Posted by catrine
No webpage at tinyurletc. Packaging: in plastic cover rather doubtful because of heat? The black inner layer gets sticky. Delivery time was 2 weeks. G.
Posted by gottfried.strassmann
My book "the private life of chairman Mao" arrived in Australia in 2 weeks.
Posted by catrine
I received your book: Family and Inheritance, this morning.
Posted by Chris Harries
Couldn´t find the survey either but the book arrived on time!
Posted by Augusta
My book has arrived in good order. It took 4 weeks though. Is this the survey site?
Posted by russell irvine
Like the others, I could not find the survey site. But the book arrived very fast and in good condition.
Posted by David Brown
Buying books from the USA is normally a no-no due to the cost of postage to the UK. BetterWorld Books have been able to send books which were already reasonably priced without charge for postage! I am very impressed, especially as they arrrived just as described and within 2 weeks.
Posted by Judith Woodford
The book arrived in good time in perfect condition. Great value for money - both the book and the postage. Thank you.
Posted by Rosemary Brough, U.K.
Couldn't find your survey but I was very pleased with the delivery time.
Posted by Anne Andrews
I can't find the one minute survey but the books arrived within two weeks (to Australia), so thank you.
Posted by faith johnson
Hi. I could not find your survey site either, but here goes anyway. I ordered 11 books. Received them in good time, but this time the box was not stuck down properly. The sticky did not hold and neither did the address label. The USA postal service stuck it in a giant plastic bag and it arrived okay. So perhaps a little more care with some more sticky tape. Thanks.
Posted by lisbeth
Can't find the survey but book arrived quickly and in great condition, Very happy! Chers, Peter Thompson
Posted by Peter Thompson
Of the two book ordered on 13th September, one has arrived on 7th October, the other has still not arrived. Sorry can't find the one minute survey.
Posted by Pradip Kumar Bose
Very happy with your delivery times. I ordered 5 books from Australia and received all of them within 3 weeks. Many thanks. Jean
Posted by jean hakels
You have asked me to fill out a one minute survey re shipping times - this I could not find. However I am delighted with your service and the book "Samantha Seagull's Sandals" which I purchased from you through Amazon. It was ordered on the 23rd of September and the invoice printed on the 25th. I received it in New Zealand on the 8th of October. Very pleased. Many thanks Yvonne Taft
Posted by yvonne taft
book well received today everything okay thks
Posted by d.henryon
book arrived safely today,a lot of thanks but can't find the 1 minute survey.
Posted by michel ARNOULT
I loved dealing with better world books. The book did not take long to get here and most seem surprising neither like handled. thanks was a pleasure dealing with your.
Posted by Lucimar Cardoso de Araujo Costa
Triedunsuccessfully to coplete requested survey as to delivery but to no avail. No site etc was available at Hope your delivery gives a better image of the company
Posted by Terence Ryan
Hope that this is the site for comment ! No complaints - first class service - will use you again. Best wishes.
Posted by C Govier.
Books just as described arrived 30.09.2011 well within the delivery timescale. I have used you before and I will do again. I could not find the survey. Regards Alan
Posted by Alan Leddington
Book arrived Ok, in good condition. Can't find the 1 minute survey.
Posted by Jacqueline Kaye
This is to let you know that the beautifully illustrated plant book by botanist Sandra Knapp - Potted Histories: An Artistic Voyage through Plant Exploration - reached me safely yesterday in London. I should add that it was packed most carefully and efficiently. Many thanks to you all at Better Books! It's interesting to see what your other customers have been buying, too. I guess we're all human - or are we all bookworms?
Many thanks for prompt delivery of books in very good condition.John Hughes.
Posted by John Hughes
The bool arrived quickly and well packaged. The description was accurate if a little brief. I am happy with the transaction. Thank you Michael Penberthy PS I like to think of myself as being a human, at least I am bold enough to make that assumption.
Posted by Michael Penberthy
Thank you for a great bargain book in great condition and arriving within your estimated delivery time. Thank you, Christine
Posted by Christine White
I received double books in my one order this time,I didn't know what happen, and got double charge. But I contact your person in chart Abbie, she said I won't be charge for the extra books that I received. My order was Sept.1st., first 2 books from Alibris got on Sept.23rd., another one got today 28th.. Just report to you.
Posted by ANCHASA
Received my book, thanks. Can't find the 1minute survey.
Posted by Faith Saffioti
I received a note with my book order requesting I fill out a 1 minute survey to help improve delivery times. I can't seem to locate the site of the survey when I log onto so I am sending this e-mail in the hope you get the message. I was thrilled with the books I ordered and the delivery time. Yours sincerely, Heather Maddison
Posted by Heather Maddison
The book order arrived Saturday morning 24th. 09.11 Thank you for the quick delivery. Regards James-Antony
Posted by J.A. Kelly
The book arrived in Brazil today SEP26. Used book, very good. Thanks!
Posted by Luiz felipe Passos
bwb o/no.11585169 arrived this morning, many thanks
Posted by Maurie Knight
Sorry just logged on to do the 1 minute survey but cant seem to find it. Tks Great service
Posted by Mary Nolan
the books arrived in good condition,apart from a corner bent during the travel. The order arrived on time.I'm satisfied with the quality-price ratio.
Posted by brigitte guittat
Loved the book, the price and the condition of the book. Especially liked the book review from the paper, enclosed witin the pages of the book. A little slow coming but definitely worth the wait
Posted by judith dennis
Just received my book, on time thank you, and because it was a library book it had no disconcerting fluro markings- so this is a surprisingly good way to go.
Posted by A. Purvis
Ref. 13893808 Recd, the Boook "The Bonfire of Berlin.." In future pl. send all such package to any address in Germany with the bill attached to it, i.e. outside the package, not enclosed in the envelop. Now, I have to go somewhere 30 km away to the Customs to produce the bill and complete formalities, otherwise not needed, if the bill had been exposed outside the package. Thank you.
Posted by Srinivasan Dr. Sridhar
The book "Cuentistas cubanas de hoy" has just arrived, in oerfect condition, thank you
Posted by Raffaelly Christian
My book (Conrad Aiken, novels) arrived in good condition. Thank you again.
Posted by Laurent (paris)
My book (Littlewood's lectures on theory of functions) arrived in good condition and within the expected time. Thank you.
Posted by stephen rout
Today, 19 september, arrived the book I ordered. It was sent on 26 august = 3 weeks. I ordered several other books around yhe same time, and they all arrived within 2 weeks. Reason?
Posted by Leo De Neubourg
I received my order yesterday, I was informed it was posted on the 16/8/11 - it did not arrive until the 19/9/11 - over 4 weeks. Why the big delay
Posted by Moureen
G'day, I have just received the last order of books from better world books, they arrived in great condition, I am now set to have some quiet time to read them. I hope.
Posted by Jim Wallace
I have just received Smuts. Vol 2: The Fields of Force (BWB 12734036) posted on or about 6/21/2011 delivered on 9/13/2011. Only 84 days in transit. Customs reported that the flimsy packaging was damaged and had been repaired with tape.
Posted by MW marais
Hi I just wish to tell you my books arrived safely and on time. Thank you. I tried to contact you on but had no luck. So I hope this is the right place to let you know that I have received my two books Thank you again
Posted by Christine Mottram

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