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When you're shopping at, make sure to watch out for items that qualify for free shipping. In many cases, all you have to do is spend $25 and your order is eligible for the complimentary service. If you happen to pick up a few products that don't make the cut, you can still get a discount with an Amazon promo code from the list below.

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Free Shipping Coupons & Promo Codes

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Free Shipping
Students can get six months of Amazon Prime free by providing their school and major.
The regular price for Amazon Prime is $79.
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Many many troubles with this. First my .edu addy wasn't accepted, then I had to wait 2 weeks to get verified.
Posted by Guest
Denison University, English Literature major!
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Free Shipping
Try Amazon Prime free for 1 month.
Free 2-day shipping with no minimum purchase required. This costs $79 per year.
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Does not apply to all orders - if items are sold through third party you do not get the free shipping. :(
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how do i get off free shipping, that i didn't know i was on...
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Shop Magazines.
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Does Amazon carry Red Sox Wine?

Posted by Douglas Brooks

Why doesn't Amazon have like a week free shipping right before Christmas. I know some other sites do this. Might make you a lot more money.

Posted by Brad
I know has free shipping for some purchases over $25, however , are there any discount coupons for colognes and perfumes for purches under $25? or any promotional coupons for certain days? Thank you an shopper
Posted by R Deshazer

Help, I really need a free shipping code and I don't have Amazon Prime. I have around $390 that I'm spending on the actual goods, but the shipping is over $600 dollars. I need this quickly.

Posted by kyo maki hoshi

Can I get a coupon to save at least half of the shipping ($79.00) of a product that's $199.00?

Posted by Veronica L

I need free shipping on a book.

Posted by Emily

I'm looking for free shipping code I can use without joining Amazon Prime.

Posted by Missy

I just bought $30 worth of products, and the combined sum was $247.29. This is ludicrous. I'm buying from "3rd party" providers, but this still makes absolutely no sense.

Posted by Hannah

I thought the reason for shopping online is that you're supposed to save money. It isn't right that shipping costs are so high.

Posted by Antoinette

My recent Amazon order came to $90.29.

Posted by Michele

I'm trying to buy products that are supplied from another company so my order doesn't qualify for the Super Saver Shipping. I can't see buying a product for $94.20 and having to pay $59.88 in shipping! Can you help?

Posted by Wendy

While you probably won't find an Amazon coupon code for free shipping, you can usually qualify for super-saver shipping on most Amazon products, which can be combined with some of the discounts listed above.

Posted by Staff

$3.00 shipping for an 89 cent product!? A free shipping code would be great!

Posted by Sticker shocked!

I have ordered from Amazon before and am now ordering again. I need a free shipping code. Since I'm already spending money they should give me some kind of break.

Posted by dee sherman

I would like a free shipping code. I'm ordering 5 items and none of them qualify for "Super Saver Shipping."

Posted by April

I've ordered several items lately, but am still looking for a free shipping coupon for a rooster weathervane. $17 is way too much when the warehouse is right up the road. I live in Tacoma.

Posted by Carl Palmer

I need a free shipping code please.

Posted by lovely

R.S.: If Amazon Prime wasn't a success for Amazon, they probably wouldn't be offering it. Amazon recently started offering complimentary Prime offers for college students and moms, so it must be working.

Posted by Luke

I need to purchase an HP M121NF/MFD Black Laser Printer. How can I pay for it with just a checking account and debit card?

Posted by Ken
I need an free shipping code.
Posted by Michael

I downloaded your recent ebook on free shipping. You posted that the Prime free shipping program from has been successful. An Amazon executive recently told me that they are indeed losing money on the program, but making up for it on sales.

Posted by RS

I tried to buy $40 worth of water and Amazon wanted to charge me $63 for standard 3 to 5 day shipping. I looked on the chart for shipping and it does not add up. A free shipping code would be nice.

Posted by Patrick Knapp

Common Shipping Questions

How does Amazon Prime work?
Members pay a $79 fee per year and receive free two-day shipping on eligible items. Prime also includes instant streaming of movies and TV shows.

Does Amazon have a special shipping deal for students?
Yes. Amazon Student provides free two-day delivery for six months and includes all Amazon Prime benefits.

How does Amazon Mom work?
Mothers receive three months of free shipping on eligible items, plus 20% off diapers and wipes.