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See shipping costs disappear right before your eyes with 1 800 Contacts free shipping codes. 1 800 Contacts is one of the world's largest contact lens provider committed to serving you in a simple, hassle free way. By offering the most popular brands of contacts, 1 800 Contacts can save you time and money by having your contacts delivered to your door. Check this page for the latest 1 800 Contacts free shipping and coupon codes.

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1 800 Contacts
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Common Shipping Questions

How does 1 800 Contacts charge for shipping?
They charge a flat rate, based on the requested method of delivery.

Where does 1 800 Contacts ship orders?
They ship worldwide and all fees are based on a flat rate.

How long does it take 1 800 Contacts to process orders?
They require up to 48 hours because your prescription must be verified with your eye doctor.

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