The Free Shipping eBook

A Guide to Help Merchants Increase Profits with Free Shipping
by Luke Knowles

Free Shipping eBook by Luke KnowlesWith a slow economy and ever increasing gas prices there is one bright spot in this economy... Online shopping, which is up almost 10% over last year. The challenge now for merchants is to try and get as much of that $200 billion pie as possible.

In The Free Shipping eBook we make the argument that the best way to increase sales and turn casual shoppers into loyal customers is with free shipping. When it comes to online shopping promotions, statistics show that consumers respond most favorably to free shipping offers.

Throughout this eBook we will show you how to effectively use free shipping offers to increase market share and reduce abandoned shopping carts.

We will discuss the 7 different types of free shipping offers available to merchants. You will also learn how to effectively promote your free shipping offers to help achieve important marketing goals.

We will also show you how,, Sierra Trading Post and other successful online merchants have blown by their competition, by offering free shipping instead of spending their money on traditional advertising.

The Free Shipping eBook is ideal for online merchants looking for ways to increase sales and attract new customers. Whether you are the owner of a start-up website or the marketing manager of a national retailer, we will show you how to get the most out of free shipping.

Greatly increase sales and widen your customer base with tips and insights from The Free Shipping eBook.

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