Top 10 Textbook Buy-back Websites With Free Shipping

You might have noticed textbook prices have increased at four times the rate of inflation since 1994 and they continue to climb. An average college student now spends roughly $900 a year on books some will barely crack -- or approximately 20 percent of tuition at an average university. 

Come the end of the semester, that $900 shrinks to a fraction of the price when you try and sell your texts back to the bookstore. It's an ugly racket and one the government is trying to regulate. Fortunately, your campus bookstore isn't the only place to sell those expensive tomes. Read on for the top 10 reliable websites that buy back textbooks with free shipping.

1. Barnes and Noble 
The big-box bookstore will buy your old textbooks for instant cash with no fees and free shipping. You'll need the ISBN number to get an estimate from Barnes and Noble and must have at least $10 worth of books to sell.

2. Borders
Here's another big-box bookstore that's gotten in on the buy-back trend. Borders officially uses as its purchasing agency, but it sells and rents textbooks itself. Again, you'll need the ISBN number to get a quote. If you like what you see, just drop your box off at UPS for free delivery. Payment is processed upon receipt of books.

3. Chegg 
The Netflix of book-rental companies (shipments arrive in a distinctive orange box), Chegg both both rents and buys textbooks. Return shipping is free via UPS. FYI: Chegg also plants a tree every time you complete a textbook rental transaction. Search Chegg via ISBN, book title or author's name.

4. Amazon  
Your source for everything -- absolutely everything -- has long sold and bought textbooks. You can save up to 90 percent on used books then receive up to 60 percent back when you sell them at Amazon. Current students with a valid .edu email address are eligible to receive free two-day shipping for one year. The catch is that the website only pays for your books via an gift card -- no cash.

5. WeBuyTextbooks 
Unlike some others on this list, WeBuyTextbooks doesn't sell or rent books; It just buys them. The company will buy back and pay cash for used textbooks all year long. It's part of the TextbookLink family of websites, which benefits from over 30 years of industry knowledge and claims more than two-million satisfied customers. You'll need your book's ISBN number for an estimate then print out your packing list and mailing label for free shipping through the U.S. Postal Service. Payment options are via PayPal or by check.

6. eCampus
Receive free UPS or USPS shipping and get payments back by check, direct deposit or in-store credit. You can also buy and rent textbooks via FYI: They also sell college clothing and gear, DVDs and Blu-Ray videos, and offer eTexbooks.

7. MyBookBuyer 
As with WeBuyTextbooks, this Internet company only buys books. Enter the ISBN number for a free quote, box up your books and ship them free via UPS using a shipping label printout. Payment can be received via PayPal or check within three business days of receipt.

8. CollegeBookRenter 
This buyback company accepts student texts, lab manuals, study guides, instructor's editions and complimentary textbooks. Get an instant quote using the ISBN number, register to sell, and receive free shipping via USPS. CollegeBookRenter also offers a "Track My Order" service on its website.

9. TextbookWheel 
TextbookWheel claims to pay more cash for more titles, but you'll have to check the veracity of this claim by entering the ISBN or EAN numbers. Shipping is free via FedEx Ground with a minimum $40 order or through USPS for all orders. You can receive payment by check or through your PayPal account. The company also buys back graphing calculators, which is a real bonus. You'll also receive cash for referrals.

10. BookCircus 
If your campus bookstore won't buy back your books, check out BookCircus. It claims to offer competitive prices on textbooks, study guides and literature and says it accepts more titles than most companies. Your prepaid label allows you to ship your books free via FedEx.

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