Shopping Tip: Use Live Chat To Get Free Shipping

More and more online retailers are offering live chat as a way for shoppers to converse with their knowledgeable sales reps. Live chat is basically an instant message between you and the retailer you are shopping with. The agent or sales rep on the other end of the live chat can help you find what you're looking for or answer questions about sizes, colors, shipping and handling, return policies and a lot more.

One of the most overlooked uses of live chat is to see if there are any free shipping coupons from that retailer.

I was recently shopping on the Lands End web site and I didn't want to pay for shipping. So I asked the live chat agent if there were any Lands End free shipping codes. She said there weren't, but if I signed up for their newsletter she would give me free shipping on my order. She didn't give me a code for free shipping at Lands End, but she did say that she would apply it to my shopping cart.

The same thing worked for me at Red Envelope. There was no advertised Red Envelope free shipping codes, but the live chat agent was more than happy to provide me with a code for free shipping so long as I paid with a Visa.

Next time you can't find free shipping for a retailer you want to buy from, look for the 'Live Chat' button and ask for it. You might just get it.

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PS key code 56579 good thru 06-30-08 (lead character riddle)

Posted by giles

I never thought to use live chat to ask for free shipping. Great idea! Thanks.

Posted by Aaron