Save-The-Date Idea that Saves You Money

A savvy Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot reader named Buddy shared this fabulous tip for a frugal and adorable save-the-date announcement card for his upcoming wedding. I love the creativity and economical execution of the idea. 

“I really enjoy your ‘Cheap Ways To’ ideas and wanted to share our recent ‘cheap’ success.

“We were looking for an economical ‘save the date’ card to mail to our guests for our summer wedding. I dabble in graphic design so I was convinced we could do something on the cheap. We liked the idea of a photo booth concept so I put my design skills into action. We took a bunch of photos of us in different fun poses holding the signs ‘we're’ ‘getting’ ‘married’ and the date. I then laid it out in Photoshop with the look of a strip of photos from a photobooth. So far no money spent, but no product yet either.

“The savings really happened on the printing. I laid my finished product out on a 4x6 file (I could fit two strips) and uploaded the .jpg to I then ordered the prints from Snapfish and was able to pick them up in an hour from my local Walgreens. I got 150 photos (300 total photostrips) for $30 and I didn't even have to pay for shipping. I thought this was an incredible value for the quality of a photo print job. It definitely beats the printing on the home deskjet. I included a picture of our card.

“Thanks for all the economical inspiration.”

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