Puppy Proofing Your House

Puppies may be the cutest living things on earth -- unless your a cat lover -- but puppy proofing your house is an absolute necessity before bringing home that bundle of fun.

Pet proofing can be expensive, however, and there are so many things to remember. Here's a frugal guide to pet proofing furniture, dog proofing trash, and making sure your home doesn't look like hurricane central. Before you begin, check out our Petsmart free shipping coupons to keep costs down.

1. Fence Them In
Danger lurks around every corner of your home, so fence in your pup until he knows his limits. Use Petco free shipping codes for pet gates to block off stairs, the kitchen, children's bedrooms and other areas of concern.

2. Put Hazardous Chemicals Out of Reach
Designate a shelving unit in your garage or a high shelf in a storage closet for containers of toxic cleaners and chemicals, including oil, antifreeze, housecleaning solutions, etc. You'll also want to put dish detergents and the like out of reach until you've finished training puppy.

3. Hide Your Shoes
It's a cliche for a reason: Puppies love to chew shoes because the action eases their teething pain. As dogs grow older, chewing helps maintain their dental health. Keep shoes, boots, sandals and other footwear behind closed doors or out of reach.

After you've locked up your favorite peep-toed pumps, stock up on chew toys, like the durable Kong Power Chewers available with Dog.com free shipping codes.

4. Get Off The Couch!
Pet proofing furniture is a multi-step process. Sofa Scram emits a small warning beep at the touch of a paw. The special combination of herbs in Pet Organics Off Limits creates an invisible shield that warns your puppy to stay off treated areas. Finally, use the Top Paw Clicker for positive reinforcement when he catches on to the rules.

5. Cover Electrical Cords and Wires
Running wires and cords make tempting chew toys. Hang them high, wrap them in electrical tape, feed them through plastic sleeves or slide them under carpets. You'll avoid replacement costs and expensive veterinary costs.

6. Dog Proof The Trash
Garbage attracts puppies like flies. Make sure you use indoor trash containers that can stand up to a beating, like the Treela Grand Can by Umbra. Buy it using a Container Store free shipping offer.

While you're at it, make sure all other trash cans in the house are covered, particularly the bathroom bin.

7. Put Away the Pills
Even the most harmless medications can poison pooches who can easily chew through plastic bottles, despite baby-proof lids. Keep everything from vitamins to Vicodin stored in upper cabinets.

8. Put a Lid On It
Babies R Us sells a toilet lock that's inexpensive and effective for clamping down on that tempting puppy water bowl. The Safety 1st Swing Shut also comes with a Babies R Us free shipping offer.

Remember that some toilet cleaning products can make your pet ill, so if your puppy is tall enough to reach the rim of the bowl, install that lid lock before bringing him home and keep the bathroom door closed. (You don't want to clean up miles of irresistible toilet paper, either.)

9. Tie Up Window Blind Cords
What your puppy perceives as a toy can also serve as a hangman's noose. Loop cords to keep them well out of reach.

10. Keep Dog Food Out of Temptations Way

Dogs often will eat until they get sick, so keep dog food in airtight plastic containers. You can purchase a $5 plastic bin from a hardware store or opt for a feeder that allows your pooch to eat a limited amount at each feeding. Use Pet Mountain free shipping codes for their Van Ness Auto Feeder, designed specifically for dogs.

11. Remove Toxic Plants
Aloe vera, baby's breath, daffodils, rhododendron, hydrangea, lilies and many other plants may seem innocuous, but they're actually toxic to your new pal. Smaller puppies shouldn't be around some plants because their immune systems are still developing. Watch for such symptoms as stomach upset or convulsions.

12. It's a Big Bad World
Don't leave young dogs outside unattended until they're ready to cope with a hostile world. Slowly introduce your puppy to the outside world, keeping them on a leash or fencing off potential dangers.

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