7 Clichéd Father's Day Gifts With Free Shipping

Quantum physics has proven all fathers love to barbecue, work on their cars and play with power tools. It's true and I can prove it: Examine your dad's behavior during a period of low energy and combine that with his total atomic and subatomic mass when couch surfing. You'll find the result is identical in every instance.

Operating on this highly suspect premise, here are seven truly clichéd Father's Day gifts that might please dad, even if my hypothesis is incorrect.

1. Barbecue Bibles
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There's something about the combination of fire and meat that attracts men. While barbecue chefs aren't usually big on cookbooks, it never hurts to freshen meat fests with a few new tricks. Amazon's barbecue books cover everything from "how to" techniques to sauces, rubs, side dishes, desserts and exotic drinks.

2. Macho Movies
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Check out FilmSite.org for the "50 Best Guy Movies of All Time," then correlate your choices with Best Buy sales.

The top five guy movies include "Dirty Harry," "The Godfather," "Scarface," "Die Hard" and "The Terminator." Funny but the way guys talk, I would have assumed "Caddyshack" was the most quoted, most viewed guy movie of all time. After all, it's the ultimate Cinderella story.

3. Tool Time
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My father always said a man needs the right tool for the right job and there never seems to be a dearth of new power tools. So while it's a broad generalization, you can rarely go wrong adding to Dad's tool collection.

4. Auto Spiffs
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Auto parts don't make for sexy Father's Day gifts, but Auto Barn also sells stuff that'll turn Dad's car into one sweet ride. Just keep him away from those detestably loud exhaust whistles.

5. Home Boy
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Let's keep the clichés rolling with gifts of paint, building materials and kitchen appliances. Wait, that last one is a Mother's day cliché. Never mind.

6. Mountain Men
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Watching sports from the couch does not an athlete make. Biking, golfing, mountain climbing...now those are sports. Dick's has everything -- absolutely everything -- to outfit or update pop's athletic equipment.

7. Crotch Rocketeers
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Does Dad know the definition of "ape hangers," the difference between fatheads and flatheads, and prefers to avoid eating asphalt? Then start your gift-buying engine at the Motorcycle Super Store, where you're always guaranteed the lowest price.

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I especially agree with #3. What man wouldn't love a gift of power tools?

Posted by Philip
I think nearly all men would be happy with that lineup. You might have included something for the sports minded dad. But give most dads a good macho movie while eating some great BBQ and you will have a happy dad.
Posted by Charles