Cheap Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

Don’t let the pressures of planning a wedding put a damper on your relationship. Take time out for dates that don’t include three hours of wedding decisions. Here are some ideas.

  • Wedding video party—Invite newlywed couples over to watch highlights from their wedding videos. Get ideas as couples share stories from their days.
  • Day trip it—Take a Saturday to explore a nearby town. Pack a picnic and eat in a park after window-shopping along the main street.
  • Do something neither of you have done before, an activity you’ve never tried but both think would be interesting. Visit the flea market or local tourist traps just for fun.
  • Photograph each other. Nothing could be more romantic than capturing the beauty you see in your partner in a photograph. Go to a local park, gardens or downtown and snap away. Try to take a few of both of you together. You can use the photos later to add a personal touch to your wedding showers or reception.
  • Look up special events in the newspaper like bridal fairs. I have mixed feelings about bridal fairs, though. My experience has been that those places are teeming with people who want to take your money. But I have heard of several couples who entered contests and actually won stuff — big stuff — from free tuxes to honeymoons. Just be prepared to get a mailbox full of junk mail from vendors up to a year after. At the very least, pick up a local wedding guidebook and check out coupons or discounts for services you’re already planning to use.

Other Cheap Date Ideas


  • Hiking and nature walks
  • Bike riding
  • Exercising
  • Educational/Cultural:
  • Museums
  • Historical sites
  • The Zoo
  • Factory tour
  • Walking tours
  • Public gardens

Social Animals:

  • Pizza party
  • Pot luck dinner
  • Progressive dinner
  • Fondu party
  • Sundae party
  • Cookout

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Today's newlywed couples have many options available; videos, pictures and computer applications in capturing all those special moments of their Great day! I agree that a couple should not let the pressures of planning the wedding put a cold spot on your loving relationship. They could try to take all the time that's need for them to work out any issues.....
Posted by glenn's groom wedding speech tip
One of the best date ideas, in my opinion, is the flea market or thrift store date. There is no better way to figure out what a person is like, than by perusing junk. Great list. Keep up the good work!
Posted by MB - First date ideas
Before me and the Mrs got married we got together with a group of close friends 18 months before the wedding. We were the first of our group of 10 close friends to get married. Everyone agreed to be assigned roles to carry out- look at dresses - go to flower shops - read internet sites etc on the condition, we would all do the same for each others weddings. Lots of wine, fun, sweat, tears and laughter and almost 5 years of wedding plans we've all made it through. And we're still all together. Share the load and ease the stress in wedding organizing.
Posted by Ed the wedding video dancer