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Carpeting is one of the biggest changes you can make to upgrade your home for Christmas entertaining. When buying, however, there are many things you need to consider before even hitting the showroom.

It's exactly one-and-one-half months to Christmas and time to look at our top toy preferences for less than $15. We've got quite a selection of fun and educational items for your child, so let's take a look. 

Before you buy that designer handbag out of a dealer's trunk, think about how much such counterfeit products are costing our economy. In terms we can all understand, the rip-off total is nearly the price of 240 million Prada handbags. Here's how you can tell real from fake, so you won't get ripped off.

While the sign may say "Free Puppies," the ultimate cost of your adorable new pet is far from free. You have to consider if having a "best friend" is worth it, or whether you're willing to pay what it takes to ensure your pup is happy and healthy.

Bosses rarely get enough recognition, unless they're handing out bonus checks. Perhaps that's why greeting-card companies created a day just for the guy or gal who hired us. Finding just the right present can be difficult, however, so we've come up with a few suggestions.

To splurge or save...that is the question. At times, it makes more sense to spend money on quality items, rather than throw cash away on something that will be worthless before long, be bad for your health or reduce your quality of life.

Rent or or rent? It's a problem when you're looking at purchasing a high-ticket item. We lead you through this maze with details on a wide variety of products, including everything from tuxedos to bicycles. 

If you think discount electronics is a code phrase for "junk," then think again my friend. Some items you can purchase online actually come with a very reasonable pricetag and still offer the same quality.

Pop-up stores have joined pop-up restaurants as a hot new trend in retailing. For example, Toys R Us just announced it will open more than 600 pop-ups for Christmas in shopping centers and malls across the U.S.

When do you buy something used and when do you splurge on something new? It's not always easy to know so we did some research and came up with answers for 40 different products.