Use these shopping tips to buy more and spend less at your favorite stores. With this advice, you're sure to save on every shopping trip. Don't forget to browse our list of stores for free shipping codes before buying!

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Christmas 2015 is fast approaching and the Last Sleigh Days -- the final days to order with holiday delivery -- are narrowing down to a precious few.

When should you buy a car? Is January really the best time to purchase Christmas presents for the next year? And what's the deal on fresh produce? We have the scoop on a raft of products, so read on for more.

With garage sale in full swing, the sheer number of deals out there can be overwhelming. If you're new to garage sales, or are just looking for some new strategies, we've put together a list that will help you shop smarter.

What's better than a good deal? Getting something for nothing. In fact, there are a number of items you can get for free. Here are 6 things you should never pay for. 


Unadvertised specials are the bomb, if you can find them. These hidden deals come in many forms, through such methods as email registrations and special sections on websites. We teach you a thing or two about unearthing these special offers. 

Layway programs are a hot new shopping trend, as consumers become wise to outrageous credit card fees and learn the benefits of waiting for what they want.

If your love for shoes is putting you in the poor house, it's time to re-examine how you can put your best foot forward while not stretching your wallet to thin.

Food deflation is more prevalent, as manufacturers shrink the amount of food in each package, while the cost of food is about to inflate and perhaps stay at higher rates for some time to come. Much of this is due to the cost of the original food products. 

We're not accustomed in America to haggling over prices, but many countries have turned it into a fine art. Learning how to negotiate is one skill that can benefit us all and a practice of which we shouldn't be ashamed.

Designer clothes and accessories rate high on many women's gift-shopping lists this year, but it's important to know the difference between the real thing and a rip off before you buy. We offer you seven tips to tell the difference between a Prada and a Praada, or a Gucci and a Goochi.