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Money Saving

Getting discounts and saving cash with money saving tips is extremely easy when you have our resources and expert-authored articles to reference. Using our free shipping codes is just the start!

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What's better than a good deal? Getting something for nothing. In fact, there are a number of items you can get for free. Here are 6 things you should never pay for. 


So-called experts aren't always that smart. All that money-saving advice on the Internet has spawned even more advice, some of which is actually based on myths.

"The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket." --Frank Hubbard

Do you reconsider a purchase when you have to pay for it in cash? Research has repeatedly shown we feel more pain when forking over the greenbacks than when using plastic. That’s why the old envelope system works so well.

Wisdom doesn't necessarily have to come down through the ages. Our frugal quotes for this week come from a Greek writer and philosopher born in 1883 and an American feminist born in 1934. Read on for details.

In an effort to avoid "the doom of reliving the past," we'll take a look each Monday at frugal-related quotes from history and how they relate to America's present financial situation. Here's our first helping.

With gas prices heading over the $100/barrel mark, it's time to get serious about slowing down, avoiding bad driving habits and generally saving at the pump. There are many other ways you can cut back and we offer seven you might not have considered.

How deep will you cut expenses to be the biggest frugalista in your crowd? If you're ready to go the extra length, we offer ths advanced course with 12 tips that might just tickle your funny bone. 

The Automobile Association of America is well known for its car and travel services, but the motor club also has a parnership program that provides members with savings from more than 100 services and merchants.

Coffee filters are slowly fading into the west as more coffee pots come with re-usable filters and Keurig single-serving machines take off. The ubiquitous paper filters, however, have so many alternative uses we may never see them disappear.

Soccer is rapidly climbing the popularity pole in American sports. The fascination with both the women's and men's World Cup experiences has made it clear that soccer is here to stay. In response, Major League Soccer is offering some excellent deals on tickets for the entire season or just a few games.