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Too many of us have homes packed with stuff we'll never use. If the sole purpose of your extra stuff is to fill your garage and closets, it's time to downsize some and decide whether you should trash or sell all that junk.

Stuff can overwhelm our lives as much as it overwhelms our closets. When the piles of junk begin to take over your home, it's time to try these 19 ways to resell it or give it away.

Have you ever longed to quit your first career and start a second one as an entrepreneur? Few of us actually get to live out that fantasy. To help you along, we offer some of the easiest start ups for those who'd like to follow their dreams.

With the job market so tight, teens find it particularly difficult to find summer work. We urge you to think outside the box and consider our suggested 11 possibile opportunities.

Forget what you paid for an item. Garage sale pricing is a whole different animal. Most times you'll want to figure out an item's lowest selling price and add just a tad more to the sticker. If you want things to sell, it pays to price them properly.

Looking for a job is hard work. You can apply yourself full time and still not even land a job that pays five figures. Well we've got a tip for you: 8 jobs that earn over six-figures without a masters or PhD.

Earning extra money with odd jobs doesn't require much more than a few supplies and a willingness to work. Whether you're saving for a car or just want to finance a few burgers, these 45 odd jobs for kids will get you started.


Lady Liberty is lovely and all that, but dressing up as a harbor statue and waving signs on streetcorners isn't exactly the job jackpot. Fortunately, there are many more tax-time opportunities you may not have considered. Some may last year round and others are just temporary.

College bookstores have come into some mighty heavy competition. These expensive outlets are no longer the only place you can buy textbooks. In fact, you can even rent your required reading from a variety of dealers. Let us show you how to beat the system.

American malls are bristling already with consumers ready to shop until they drop. Somebody has to man all those retail positions, which means job opportunities. But you also might consider applying for work with caterers, restaurants and even those dealing with income taxes.