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Even when times are tight, it's nice to get together with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. Planning a party doesn't have to come with a big price tag. Use these tips to plan your holiday party on a frugal budget.

It's time once again for Cyber Monday, which also means it's time for Internet gangsters to get out their tools and steal your personal financial information. We tell you how to avoid getting caught in their web. Or is it Web?

The stores started decorating for the holidays in August, but most of us put it off until November at the earliest. By then, prices have risen and it's harder to find what you want at a discount.

Is your Christmas wreath showing a bit of wear and tear while those holly boughs are less than jolly? It may be time to replace your holiday decorations, but we'd like to help you do so without breaking your budget.

Vacations are vital to human health; everyone needs an opportunity to move outside their well-worn groove. Happily, it's possible to see the world without blowing your budget, if you know the best time to go. 

Too many of us have homes packed with stuff we'll never use. If the sole purpose of your extra stuff is to fill your garage and closets, it's time to downsize some and decide whether you should trash or sell all that junk.

Flowers are always a welcome Valentine's gift, unless you have allergies. But the blossoms fade so fast it seems a shame to spend money on a short-lived gift. Drying that floral tribute, however, means your loved-one's present will be around for a long time to come.

In many parts of the country, Mother's Day marks opening day for home gardeners. The threat of frost is fading while warmer weather is just around the corner. In planting your garden this year, consider the financial return you'll receive on each plant, based on monetary investment.


This economy may force us more into promises about maintaining a healthy budget than losing weight, so we offer you 10 tips on becoming financially balanced in 2013.

Haunted houses are half the fun of Halloween. Who doesn't love to be scared for a silly reason? Your neighbors and friends will flock to your home when you use our tips to create a boo-tiful Halloween home.