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We have plenty of helpful hints and tips for living a healthy life. We even show you how to do it for less with free shipping codes for health-conscious stores like Vitamin World, Gaiam, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.

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Buying produce in season is a good way to save on your monthly grocery bill. There are some great fruits and veggies that come available in the fall. Apples, mushrooms and squash are just a few featured in our fall buying guide.

Food doesn't always have to come in a pre-packaged wrapper or from a farmers market. Wild-food foraging is a movement steadily gaining speed, but the wise hunter understands the importance of knowing their prey.

The worst of February is before us, with inches-deep snow storms, freezing temperatures and lots of gray skies. Make sure your prepared for the worst by following our recommended five emergency-preparation steps.

Love may fade away but a Twinkie is forever. Unfortunately, not all other foods have the life span of radiation. Dairy products, for example, have very specific periods during which they're still edible, so it's important to know just how long you can store them. 

Flu remedies are heaven sent when they work and nothing works better than a flu shot. But once you're hit with a fever and chills, is it time to guzzle chicken soup or take a giant shot of vitamins and minerals? 

Fitness tips are a dime a dozen, particularly when merchants are trying to sell you something, but there are ways to get winter exercise without buying into a club membership or purchasing expensive exercise equipment.

Home cleaning products are great for doing basic duty, but allergy sufferers know it takes more than a simple vacuum and dust rag to make a home habitable. We look at 10 possibilities for reducing your sneezing and runny eyes. 

A good massage can banish pain, stress and sleeplessness, but only if you let it. It takes a bit of practice to really get the most out of your massage, including letting go of the outside world.

Sstress kills but it also costs Americans money. Indirect expenses for an attempted suicide top $30,000 and a completed act costs almost $450,000. Yet it's the toll to friends, family and a community that add up an emotional expense.

Herbal supplements fill the shelves at health food stores, but just exactly how are they helping our health? The U.S. Government Accountability Office did a study and found results that might surprise you.