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Don't wait until Black Friday for super deals. Target is offering a one-time, one-day only sale they're calling Back in Black Friday. You'll find discounts on hundreds of products, including electronics, women's clothing, toys and much more. 

American Eagle's website went down for three days, and now they'd like to apologize by offering you a deal. Loyal customers will receive free shipping on all order through July 25 with the code 74936062. 

Free shipping deals abound during the different holidays and July 4th is no different. For this year's Independence Day, we've researched the top 10 free shipping deals being offered.

Manufacturers have released a flood of recalls in the last month, but, ever since BP spilled its guts into the Gulf of Mexico, the recalls have received little media attention. Here are the top ones about which you should be concerned.

If you're dad cares about how he looks, he doesn't necessarily have to be a metrosexual. But just in case, we put together nine gift concepts to please him that are guaranteed to please.

Amazon Prime hath begat a maze of free shipping clubs, but this original program remains the granddaddy of them all with a deal that can't be beat. Here's our version of Amazon Prime 101.

Americans call it "free shipping" while the British consider the service to be "free delivery." Whatever the term, however, the service is the same. So now is proud to announce it's rolling out the U.K. site

Luke Knowles, founder of, is excited to introduce the new website, This site let's our friends to the north enjoy the benefits of free shipping from more than 200 merchants.

Is an Amazon Prime membership really worth the extra cost? It may depend on your needs and shopping habits. We examine several of the beneifts of Amazon Prime membership. is taking even more steps to help shoppers save money by introducing the Go Frugal Blog. This new feature will highlight tips and tricks for finding discounts and the best deals from popular stores.