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This economy may force us more into promises about maintaining a healthy budget than losing weight, so we offer you 10 tips on becoming financially balanced in 2013.

Americans are sweltering from coast to coast, placing a huge burden on electrical grids in everyplace from small towns to major urban centers. You can do your part by reducing your power usage and using green methods, efforts that will also reduce your utility bill.

Do you have the credit card blues? Do you stand in line to buy the latest technology? Are you blowing a fortune on scrapbooking materials? Maybe it's time to examine your spending behaviors and make a few changes.

Developing a financial plan for life is one of the perks of being an adult. Getting it all organized, however, is one of the problems with maturity. Before you end up sifting through mountains of paperwork, get organized so you can reach your financial goals with these least pain possible.

If your pet falls ill or experiences an accident, the cost of medical care can put you in the dog house. For those with sickly or elderly animals, medical insurance may be the answer; but owners of average animals should consider several factors before ponying up a monthly premium.

If you're thinking of donating to those in Japan dealing with the catostrophic tsunami and earthquake, Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed has some advice for you.

What parent doesn't want their child to grow up with a musical inclination? And what child doesn't dread practicing an instrument? If your child is going to spend all that time tickling the ivories, then you want to get the best bang for your piano-lesson buck. 

It's mighty tempting to use a tax refund for a longed-for purchase, but all that extra cash might be better used toward furthering your future.


Once you've accumulated too much debt, it's a long slow slog back to solvency. Paying down each bill just $10 extra a month, however, can move things along much faster than you would think.

The job market is beyond gloomy this year, with more college graduates adding to the unemployment ranks every day. Job hunting is difficult enough without having to worry about money. Check out these tips on reducing your expenses while trying to jump start a career.