Learn how to save money on entertainment activities like taking pictures, going to the ball game and eating out by using these frugal tips and our entertainment free shipping deals from popular stores.

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Don't let a fun weekend getaway to the ballpark break your bank account. When you prepare ahead of time, there are many steps you can take to cut down on costs. To get you started on the path to saving money, here are seven tips to make baseball games more affordable.


Would a woman go out with a guy on a second date if he was a frugalista? If he used the term "frugalista" at any point during the first date, the answer is decidedly no.

Restaurant menus may look innocuous, but they're subtly designed to entice diners into spending more. Little tricks like using red ink to stimulate your appetite and careful placement of expensive dishes on the menu can boost your final bill.

Discount ticketing website are all well and good, but there are deals galore to be had simply by checking out the deal offered by your favorite baseball team. With over 160 games on the Major League schedule, many clubs have more seats than they can possibly fill.

Hockey is one of those sports that just doesn't translate to television very well. But tickets to a live hockey game can get kind of pricey. We've done the footwork for you and found the best NHL deals.  

So you're on a diet and don't have a dime. That doesn't mean you can't afford to throw a 4th of July bash. You can cut calories and costs this holiday with our nine food and drink recipes.

Is it me or do product labels treat Americans like morons. They tell us watches aren't underwear, blowtorches shouldn't be used to dry hair and TV remotes aren't dishwasher safe. Geez!

An evening of entertainment needn't consist of dinner out followed by a trip to the movie theater. There are ways to have fun without spending a fortune.

Looking to add a little excitement to your holiday party without breaking the bank? We've come up with 10 frugal holiday party themes. Your friends will have so much fun, they'll be asking where you got the great ideas.

Just because they technology is high, doesn't mean the prices need to be. Here are a few ways to share digital photos for less than $10.