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It takes time and a specific knowledge to roast your own coffee beans, but if you have an engineer's frame of mind, you might find our step-by-step instructions will make you as addicted to this practice as you are to the caffeine.

Missy Blakeslee has a thing for every kind of fabric: From disintigrating lace to aging upholstery. Everywhere she looks Missy sees opportunities to repurpose trash into treasures.

Empty coffee cans can be a sad sight when you're a caffeine junky, but frugalistas appreciate the opportunities for repurposing this sturdy packaging into a plethora of possibilities.

Commercial beauty products are so tempting. Manufacturers package and market them in ways designed to make them irresistable, while convincing us that we have to have man-made products. Well the joke's on them. Homemade beauty supplies work just as well. 

Fresh herbs can literally spice up a meal like nothing else. While it takes more of the freshly grown green stuff to add aroma to a dish than dry spices, the burst of flavor is well worth the effort of growing and preserving them.

Remodeling can be a nightmare, particularly when a $1,000 job ends up costing you $5,000 or more because of unforseen problems. If you want to upgrade your home's marketability, here are a few tips.

You've started your own business, at long last, and now you've got to let other people know you exist. Most start-up entrepreneurs can't afford expensive advertising or splashy websites, so free media attention is your best bet.

LinkedIn has turned into a major resource for those looking for work or simply networking within their industry. You can advertise a new business, establish your credibility and upgrade your future possibilities. 

Throwing a garage sale requires more than just tossing a few items out on the driveway and plastering signs around the neighborhood. Follow our guidelines and you'll soon have an overflowing cashbox.

For some reason, fall always seems to be associated with strange looking gourds. You may ask: Gourds, what are they good for? As it turns out, lots of stuff. Read about eight ways to can use these unusual fruits.