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Flowers are always a welcome Valentine's gift, unless you have allergies. But the blossoms fade so fast it seems a shame to spend money on a short-lived gift. Drying that floral tribute, however, means your loved-one's present will be around for a long time to come.

Every boy wants to be a superhero at some point and every girl a princess. Getting the look just right, however, can cost you when using store-bought costumes. Here are a few homemade ideas we think might please the Batman in your boy and the giggle in your girl.

Haunted houses are half the fun of Halloween. Who doesn't love to be scared for a silly reason? Your neighbors and friends will flock to your home when you use our tips to create a boo-tiful Halloween home.


Kids get bored with summer vacation faster than you can snap your fingers. For stay-at-home parents, however, keeping the kids entertained is a full time job. Check out our 20 frugal suggestions.

Libby James is founder of oldBags, a line of greeting cards and other artistic goods made with used tea bags. From her home in Fort Collins, Colo., she channels 74 years of frugal living into the bags to create unique and useful art.

Repurposing is taking over from recycling as the latest in green trends. Cost conscious and environmentally focused handymen and women are learning how to turn old products into new projects. 

Dumpster diving may sound gross to the uninitiated, but we're not talking about jumping into a container of icky slime and gross-out goods. While it's possible to find day-old food in some dumpsters, there are far more pleasant prizes to be found, if you know how to go about it.

Do you get bit by the decorating bug in January? Dreary weather forces us indoors, where we begin noticing little and big things we'd like to change. If money is tight, check out our 27 inexpensive ways to upgrade your home decor.

Deck the halls and fire up your DIY engine. It's time for Christmas decorating and what could be more inexpensive and fun than creating your own crafty items. From miniature trees to mailbox decorating, we've got it all for you.

Boyfriends can be a real pain to buy gifts for at Christmas. This year, we're recommending you drag out the glue gun and create a homemade present that will really turn his head and, perhaps, his heart.