Back to School

Back to School

Save on Back To School supplies with money saving tips from the Go Frugal Blog. Also be sure to check out our free shipping codes for children's clothing and more for instant savings at your favorite online stores.

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Back-to-school time comes with plenty of expense for parents. Luckily we've come up with these eight frugal ideas that will help you save money and get organized this year.

Trade schools may look cheaper than a traditional college, but are you really getting a decent return on your investment? Guest blogger Emily Thomas looks at the situation.


It's time once again for the grand housing shuffle, when college students begin looking for their next home. Unless you want to live in a home with five other students, three dogs and a random cat, it's time to look before you leap.

Want to jumpstart your career? Interested in getting a college degree? Looking to empty your wallet and have nothing to show for it? Any of these opportunities can be yours, if you don't do your homework to find the right for-profit college.

College bookstores have come into some mighty heavy competition. These expensive outlets are no longer the only place you can buy textbooks. In fact, you can even rent your required reading from a variety of dealers. Let us show you how to beat the system.

Forget the crowds and shop online this year for back-to-school fashions. You'll save plenty of cash, pay for no shipping (with our recommended merchants) and spare yourself a lot of anguish.

You've planned on attending college all your life but, with recent tuition increases, you're wondering if higher-education is for you. Before you shell out any cash, consider our seven tips on paying for college the intelligent way.

College-bound students need more than good pens and a sleek binder; they need technology that won't eat too deeply into their tuition fund. Computers and software are just the beginning, but student discounts make it possible to afford what you need when you most need it.


Just in case you haven't heard, college tuition expenses are going through the roof (as are so many other things these days). Few students can make it through four years without some form of financial aid. 

Whether you're heading back to school or you're just a bookworm, the cost of these texts can get pretty expensive. Consider using some of these methods to reduce the costs of books.