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Are you already feeling the pressures of intense Christmas advertising? It seems like every year, merchants kick it up a notch. To keep from losing your mind in the shopping madness, try a few of these tips.

Buying produce in season is a good way to save on your monthly grocery bill. There are some great fruits and veggies that come available in the fall. Apples, mushrooms and squash are just a few featured in our fall buying guide.

With garage sale in full swing, the sheer number of deals out there can be overwhelming. If you're new to garage sales, or are just looking for some new strategies, we've put together a list that will help you shop smarter.

Don't let a fun weekend getaway to the ballpark break your bank account. When you prepare ahead of time, there are many steps you can take to cut down on costs. To get you started on the path to saving money, here are seven tips to make baseball games more affordable.


How deep will you cut expenses to be the biggest frugalista in your crowd? If you're ready to go the extra length, we offer ths advanced course with 12 tips that might just tickle your funny bone. 

Americans are sweltering from coast to coast, placing a huge burden on electrical grids in everyplace from small towns to major urban centers. You can do your part by reducing your power usage and using green methods, efforts that will also reduce your utility bill.

Wouldn't it be nice if being a millionaire was contagious? We could simply stand next to Warren Buffet and feel the cash flow into our bank accounts. Since this isn't possible, we might as well learn a few tips on how to use money like the rich.

We bought a foreclosure property and found during our search that the market was beyond belief. If you didn't leap into an ARM more than five years ago and are ready to buy, you can clean-up now.

When you compare the cost of a gym membership and working out on your own, the prices may be quite different but each offers unique benefits. Gyms offer variety but self-made workouts are cheaper and can be done in the great outdoors.

It's exactly one-and-one-half months to Christmas and time to look at our top toy preferences for less than $15. We've got quite a selection of fun and educational items for your child, so let's take a look.