Book Review: The DIY Wedding

If there’s one way of saving money on anything, it’s by doing it yourself. Your wedding day is no exception (um… with the exception of the minister. You can’t actually marry yourselves). But when it comes to invitations, flowers, favors, decorations, food and music, a DIY couple can add invaluable personalized touches to their big day without shelling out a downpayment on a house. The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way is all about that. Written by Tango magazine editor and Modern Bride writer Kelly Bare, this resource is chock-full of how-tos and tips for every aspect of your wedding.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Amateurs can often do things just as well as the professionals.
  • Avoid using “wedding” when you talk to vendors about your event to save money.
  • The best way to find people who provide the best services is word-of-mouth.
  • There are plenty of affordable wedding vendors out there (they’re not all bad!)
  • Reject package deals, ask for alternatives and do it your way!
  • The occasional splurge is worth it if it brings you peace of mind during your planning.
  • Consider paying for any help during your wedding, as accepting a “favor” might backfire.
  • Make sure any agreement is put in writing (unless you’re dealing with close friends or family).
  • Keep your guests aware of anything unorthodox you might have planned by posting some signage as an explanation.
  • Delegate! Make sure your wedding day is work-free!

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