9 Gifts with Free Shipping for Your Metrosexual Dad

There's no getting around it -- not every dad can be Ah-nuld and play chicken with Terminators. Not every dad can be King Leonidas and stick it to the Persians . Heck, not even every dad can be Woody Allen and act charmingly awkward. 

But every dad can be treated right for Father's Day. On June 20, a day supposedly reserved for macho grill fests and chest-bump-induced hoo-hahing, it seems the only available gifts are ones that reassert "manliness." But for a dad who goes against the grain and would pick a manicure over power tools or foie gras instead of rare steak, there are more than enough options.

Here are nine gift ideas for your metrosexual papa, guaranteed to please, delight and make him feel oh so special. Kind of like the first season of "Glee."

1. The Murse
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Men like to call them messenger bags, satchels or even male mail carriers, but we all know what we're really talking about here: It's a man purse or murse.

Dad might be ashamed of his boy bag fetish, but show the guy some love and help him get updated with a new one from eBags. Choose from hip brands like Kenneth Cole and Fossil because, after all, the only thing worse than a murse is an out-of-style one.

2. Cosmetics
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A pampered dad is a happy dad, and nothing says cuticle care like a lotion set from Bath and Body Works: Just watch the funky scents.

Granted, not many guys would be happy with lavender body scrubs and vanilla-bean face washes, but the shop's line of male-inspired products are distinctly more dad than mom. Your "lad dad" will thank you when he takes a bubble bath and doesn't end up smelling like the Snuggle fabric-softener bear. A murse is bad enough.

3. Chick Lit and Chick Flicks
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Have no fear if Dad's go-to author is Stephanie Meyer rather than Tom Clancy. Even a man who already owns the "Twilight" series and is halfway through most of the books recommended by Oprah could use a good read from Barnes and Noble. Their ebook selection is rapidly growing, now offering over one-million titles for Nook, iPad and BlackBerry.

Not only have the teen vampire tales begun to show up on DVD, all the sensitive movies Dad secretly cries over can be found at Borders. Honestly, how could he not tear-up every time Bridget Jones falls in and out of love? Of course, it's better than when a lad dad breaks down over a stolen murse.

4. Kitchenware
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Williams-Sonoma free shipping is available on select items.

While other dads are outside singeing their eyebrows and charring bratwurst over an open grill, yours is inside whipping up a mean batch of crepes with cream-cheese filling and huckleberry glaze.

Kitchenware from Crate and Barrel or Williams-Sonoma is a great way to show your gratitude for his gourmet cooking. After all, cavemen used fire; the modern, sophisticated man uses a stove top.

5. Flowers
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You might assume flowers are only for mothers, girlfriends and children of the '60s, but you know what they say about the word assume. Besides, Dad doesn't have to receive lillies and roses -- unless it's his true desire. (Not that there's anything wrong with that).

Gifts of miniature bonsai trees or chocolate covered berries can be enjoyed by the whole family. They could also prove a wonderful distraction, giving you enough time to grab the murse unnoticed and feed it to the neighbor's Rottweiler.

6. Gift Baskets
The Just Because Gift Basket free shipping code is good on select baskets.
The phrase gift basket brings to mind exotic cheeses, crackers, spreads, bright cellophane paper and office retirement parties. Just Because Baskets and Beyond offers selections that go way beyond these limited uses, especially if dad's feminine leanings stray from typical munchies.

Along with some man-specific baskets, there is also the option to create your own, with items like paint brushes, gardening gloves and duct tape.

7. Chocolate
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This one is just a downright misunderstanding. Women and men both enjoy chocolate: The only problem is that most dads keep it to themselves. If your pappy willingly admits prefering chocolate bars over microbrews, he'll be thrilled when you splurge on a Ghirardelli basket with classic squares, cookies or bites.

8. Party Decorations
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Some dads get stuck celebrating Father's Day without decorations, but not your lad dad. Let him browse through OrientalTrading.com. A set of Iron Man or ice cream themed party plates, cups and napkins is more fun-loving than metrosexual, but everyone on the block will know whose dad is the most rockin'.

9. Craft Supplies
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Have you ever noticed how Dad constantly works on his "truck," yet it never seems to come off the cinder blocks? That's because he's secretly crocheting sweaters for Grandma to give as her own on Christmas.

Let him know there's little need to hide his crafty side with supplies and such from JoAnn Fabrics. You'll find discount prices on yarn, cloth and loads of other materials to fuel his creativity.

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