8 Six-Figure Salary Jobs You Can Learn to Do

Finding a job these days can be a full-time job in itself. Even after long days in front of a computer searching endless job postings, most job seekers find the interesting positions with good pay are out of reach.

The following careers are currently in high demand and have the potential to earn over six-figures. Some may require additional training or certification, but the small investment of time can pay off big time in your pocketbook.

1. Radiation Therapist
Most people think getting a high-paying career in the medical field requires years of schooling and a massive amount of debt. While that’s one way to go, a career as a radiation therapist is much more accessible and can be quite lucrative.

As the number of patients increases, due to aging Baby Boomers, doctors’ offices need trained technicians capable of operating complex equipment. This can be a rewarding career not just financially, but personally as well.

2. Financial Advisor
As times change, the reliability of a retirement fund isn’t what it used to be. Many Americans are trying to figure out how to plan for the future. This is where your six-figure job comes in.

Obtaining a Certified Financial Planner certificate will help set you apart from the rest of the job seekers. While not required, you can finish certification in just two years or less and many courses are available online. This job also allows for the flexibility of working for a financial-planning firm or for yourself. Salaries tend to top out at $140,000 annually.

3. Medical Equipment Sales Manager
As a poor college student, I worked for just a weekend in door-to-door sales and quickly realized I wasn’t a salesman. For that special type who can always close a sale, the medical sales industry is a good place to start looking for jobs.

Many states offer an eight-week training program that helps people with sales backgrounds prepare for a career in medical sales. As the population continues to age and medical technology advances, the demand for products is growing rapidly. Income potential can be as much or as little as you want, but top earners make more than $137,000 per year.

4. Global Supply Chain Manager
Is that four-year degree from a university not pulling its weight? If you’ve already earned a degree but it’s taking you down a dead-end street, consider getting a two-year master’s degree in supply chain management.

Supply chain managers make companies run smoothly behind the scenes. They assure employers take and deliver orders across the world in the most efficient way possible. Qualified supply chain managers are in short supply right now and top earners are making well over $130,000 every year.

5. Online Marketing Manager
The possibilities in online marketing are growing and changing every day. If someone said five years ago that most of their business came from Twitter, they would’ve been met with blank stares.

Companies are looking for tech-savvy people who can create a successful marketing plan while staying up to date on the next big thing. If you already have marketing experience, check out the variety of training courses and seminars available so you can brush up on what's happening.

6. Solar Industry Business Development Manager
“Going green” has become a regular part of our vocabulary and the “green” industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Companies who produce alternative fuel sources, like solar or wind power, are growing by leaps and bounds. Government subsidies also mean there's more job security. Enroll in one of the many certification programs available for solar management.

7. Gaming Industry Financial Analyst
I’ve never been much of a gambler. Something about handing my money over for free just isn’t appealing. However, being on the other side of the gambling experience can lead to a lucrative career.

The International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada Las Vegas offers a training program you can complete in less than two years. Many other courses are available online, as well. A financial analyst tracks trends and plans financial strategies. With more than 900 casinos in 38 states, plenty of positions are available.

8. Mobile Application Developer
Developing applications for cell phones, tablets and computers is something like the gold rush right now. It’s an incredibly lucrative, fast-growing industry that nearly anyone with some programming skills can cash in on.

Creating mobile applications does take quite a bit of technical know-how, but top companies such as Google are hiring mobile developers like crazy. Some of the top applications, like the wildly popular game Angry Birds, earn around $1 million per month in advertisements alone. Top earners easily have the potential to make more than $115,000 yearly.

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