12 Greenest Cars of 2010

Earth Day may be over for 2010 but that doesn't mean we can stop thinking about the environment for another year. 

Fortunately, when it comes to cars, buying green can save you green in several different ways.

Naturally, better fuel efficiency means you'll save more at the pump but, surprisingly, most of the greenest cars cost appreciably less than many less energy-efficient models.

Automakers are steadily adding new hybrid, electric and lighter vehicles for green lovers and frugal buyers. All the new models and terminology are confusing to consumers. Fortunately, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy looked at fuel economy and emissions of 2010 model cars to calculate a "green score" and rank the top 12 greenest cars.

According to the ACEEE, "Scores were calculated on a scale of zero to 100, with higher scores indicating cars with the lowest environmental impact. Scores (also) were calculated based on official emissions and fuel-economy tests, as well as other specifications reported by auto manufacturers."

It's interesting to note Honda -- long popular for dependability, low prices and fuel efficiency -- snagged four of the top 11 spots, including the Civic GX in the number one spot. 

Several models received the same Green Scores, so there actually are 12 green models that received the top 10 scores.

1. Honda Civic GX

Starting Price: $25,340

MPG: 36 highway/24 city

Green Score: 57

2. Toyota Prius

Starting Price: $22,400

MPG: 48 highway/51 city

Green Score: 52

3. Honda Civic Hybrid

Starting Price: $23,800

MPG: 45 highway/40 city

Green Score: 51

4. Honda Insight (tied)

Starting Price: $19,800

MPG: 43 highway/40 city

Green Score: 50

5. Smart ForTwo Convertible/Coupe (tied)

Starting Price: $11,990

MPG: 41 highway/33 city

Green Score: 50

6. Ford Fusion Hybrid (tied)

Starting Price: $27,950

MPG: 36 highway/41 city

Green Score: 47

7. Mercury Milan Hybrid (tied)

Starting Price: $27,855

MPG: 36 highway/41 city

Green Score: 47

8. Toyota Yaris (tied)

Starting Price: $12,605

MPG: 36 highway/29 city

Green Score: 46

9. Nissan Altima Hybrid (tied)

Starting Price: $26,780

MPG: 33 highway/35 city

Green Score: 46

10. Mini Cooper (tied)

Starting Price: $19,500

MPG: 37 highway/28 city

Green Score: 45

11. Hyundai Accent Blue (tied)

Starting Price: $9,970

MPG: 36 highway/27 city

Green Score: 45

12. Honda Fit (tied)

Starting Price: $14,900

MPG: 35 highway/28 city

Green Score: 45

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Honda Civic GX is greener that toyota priust? I am quite surprised
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Good list here, I have ben driving Hundai accent blue, it's really good one, I just love it. Can't get greener than that.
Posted by UppaBaby Vista
The Accent Blue is only available as a 3-door hatchback with a manual transmission, the sole option being air-conditioning which adds $1,000 to the price.
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