10 Cleaning Products for In-Home Allergy Relief

Finding allergy relief with the right home cleaning products is one of the easiest ways to noticeably cut back on sneezing and red eyes. Some allergy free items are a bit expensive, but with free shipping on cleaning supplies and reliable allergy forecasts, prevention is much easier. 

Even greenies can enjoy sniffle-free sleep as natural allergy relief often goes hand in hand with sustainable, non-toxic ingredients.

Outfit yourself with these cleaning products and be ready for hours of relief, whether your problems are triggered by pet allergies, pollen, grasses, molds, mildews or any other hosts of irritants at the root of outdoor and indoor allergies.

1. Vacuums
Vacuums with HEPA filters are unbeatable for allergy relief because they trap 99.9 percent of allergens, including dust mites and mold spores. Fortunately, there are lots of vacuum free shipping coupons out there.

Just about every major company has a HEPA vacuum, most of them starting at $350. The Oreck Pro Series Platinum Pilot is a tad on the costly side at $599.99, but it's well worth the investment and comes with allergy-free bags, a 10-year warranty and free handheld vacuum. Right now it's all eligible for free shipping and an additional 20-percent off.

For those inclined to go bagless due to cat allergies or dog allergies, Dyson makes two pet-specific upright vacuums. Both come with a washable HEPA filter, a 5-year warranty and a convenient plastic bin. Plus, with Dyson's patented Ball technology, it's easier to chase Fido's hair around the living room.

Use TotalVac free shipping coupons plus the online merchant's $100 off deal to buy the Dyson Airmuscle model, originally $600.

2. Air Purifiers
The people at Allergy Buyers Club know a thing or two about your allergy woes. The merchant is a stellar resource for products and information, with friendly customer service and a generous Allergy Buyers Club free shipping policy on air purifiers. You can also find replacement allergy free air filters, hypoallergenic bedding, and a slew of natural allergy relief tips.

As with vacuums, air purifiers can be costly, running anywhere from $200 to $1,200. Yet an allergy free air filter can be invaluable. Look for machines that are quiet, portable (unless you opt for central air), and HEPA equipped. If you have central air, make sure you frequently change the air filter!

3. Steam Cleaners
Haan handheld steam cleaner is a good bet at $59.99, particularly with a Home Depot free shipping code.

Steam cleaners are perfect for homes with little carpeting, and thus no need for a noisy, scratch-inducing vacuum. These cleaners use superheated steam to kill germs, bacteria and spores without chemicals or soaps. Don't be leery of the "superheated" thing: Quality steam cleaners are safe when properly used: Both for your family and the environment.

4. General Cleaning Products
Say goodbye to harsh Windex and hello to gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning products. EcoDiscoveries makes an affordable line of cleaners for people with chemical sensitivities or small children. You won't sacrifice quality or selection when you shop GrandAndMore.com, offering everything from glass cleaner to fabric deodorizer. Take advantage of their great prices when you combine orders with the Allergy Buyers Club. (The two merchants are affiliated.)

Allergen neutralizers are ideal for cleaning furniture and drapes in humid climates, where molds, pet dander and every other sort of ick tends to hang around longer. Watch out for products with tannic acid, an otherwise harmless chemical that can darken light fabrics.

5. Paint   
Mold-proof paint is another good option for those living in damp climates. Zinsser makes a line of water-based paint, Perma-White, that's specially blended for such climates. Use the Ace Hardware free shipping option and pick up Perma-White at $75 for a six pack.

6. Clothes Detergent
Bedding and clothes are favorite playgrounds for dust mites, those nasty little buggers responsible for exacerbating allergies and asthma. Allergy free detergent is a quick fix for the tiny terrors and several brands are effective in cold and hot water. 

Try baby brands if your problem isn't mites but the detergent itself. All Free Clear and Dreft are two of the best and contain no dyes or perfumes. Look for them and save with Allergy Superstore free shipping offers.

7. Pet-Specific Cleaning Products
There's no doubt about it -- we love our pets. Whether their hair and dander love us back is another story. For upholstery and furniture, handheld vacuums are convenient alternative. Check out the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, for example. At $29, it only takes another $20 to qualify for Target free shipping.

For pet stains, try a homemade mix of equal parts white vinegar and water. Dab any excess moisture, apply it to the spot and dry. Sprinkle a handful of baking soda over the spot and pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and detergent on top. Scrub thoroughly, let it dry and vacuum. If you opt to buy cleaners, any product with "oxy" in the title contains hydrogen peroxide, the key to killing pet smells.  

For those who really, really love their pets but suffer from cat allergies or dog allergies, Simple Solution makes a safe allergy relief serum. The manufacturer recommends you use it once a week for maximum effectiveness. Grab it from PetSmart for $8.99 per bottle, and don't forget to use a PetSmart free shipping code.  

8. Humidifiers
Walmart has a huge selection of humidifiers available only online. They range from $20 to $80, so buy a couple extra filters at the same time to take advantage of Walmart free shipping.   

Humidifiers run a gamut of features, prices and uses. Look for one that's quiet with digital controls and a well-sealed tank to keep bacteria growth down. Change the water often and rinse the basin with detergent, if you notice any buildup.

9. Dehumidifiers
The opposite of a humidifier (weird, huh?), dehumidifiers help cut down on that damp, sick feeling that comes with being stuffed inside. Dehumidifiers are also good for the bedroom or bathroom, where mold and dust mites thrive off moisture. Again, look for one that is quiet and portable.

You could spend up to $1,500 on a machine for the whole house, but decent one-room models can be found for $50. DeLonghi makes some of the most reliable and durable dehumidifiers, all of which are Energy Star certified.   

10. Prescriptions
There's no shame in taking prescription allergy medications, but it would be a shame to pay too much. Many online pharmacies offer medicine free shipping, to help you avoid that never-ending Bendryl hangover.

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There must have been about 15 different items for cleaning my house. Albeit I don't use all of them every time, that is just way too many chemicals in my home. I boxed them up and started thinking about what cleaning home I really ...

Posted by aw4182
What I have found to help with the common allergens like dander and such is to make a solution of 1 Tsp lemon juice (filtered) and the rest just clean water in a 8 Oz. squeeze spray bottle. I spray down the counter-tops and dining table with it and when it dries there is just the slightest stickiness to it. The sticky grabs the dust particles and holds on to them for you to wipe up tomorrow! No 'blow away' from wiping as usual. You know what I mean, you wipe off the tables and tops and you 'see' the dust flying whether your rag is wet or not. Also the nice part is of course the pleasant smell and if you think it is too sticky just reduce your mixture! Brian the black mold cleaner
Posted by Black Mold
I was glad I ran across this article. Your basic, common sense approach to air quality totally works. The HEPA vacuum and air filters are my favorite. Who cares what's floating in the air...just filter it! Nice job!
Posted by NE the mold removal guy
I have been using Oreck vacuum cleaner more than 10 years! It deserves the money! Other advice for getting rid of your dust - place a door mat infron ot every door.
Posted by Home Cleaning
The allergies from cleaning products are awful.
Posted by Domestic Cleaning